More with less. How Sharp/NEC led with sustainability at ISE 2023

It’s a brave stance for an electronics brand producing energy consuming products, but Sharp/NEC does not shy away from addressing sustainability. On the contrary, our presence at ISE this year led with sustainability as our driving theme.

Sustainable stand design

At ISE we wore our sustainable heart on our sleeve through the sustainable design of our stand. Every element was either recycled or recyclable. Chip board and aluminium formed the structure for a no-frills approach which stood out for its simplicity. The aluminium framework was repurposed from the 2022 stand and the minimal soft furnishings will be used elsewhere. With an open plan design, the Sharp/NEC stand offered a refreshing space to breath with a free flow of visitors in all directions.

It just goes to show that you don’t have to be polished and shiny to get noticed! We were once again nominated for a Stand Design Award by Exhibitor Group.


More with less

We exhibited a pared down array of products which represented our latest innovations. As the only visual displays manufacturer able to offer all the major display technologies, with a full range of capabilities to suit all applications and budgets, this equates to a very large portfolio of solutions. By streamlining the products on show we made savings on shipping, manpower, energy consumption, potential damage, and waste.

Watch the video as Ian Barnard chats with rAVe about Sharp/NEC’s sustainable approach, followed by a stand tour with Tobias Augustin.

Our fundamental belief is that quality and sustainability go hand in hand. By choosing reliable, long-life technology which supports upgrade, repair, and repurpose options, you extend the life of your investment, thus minimising consumption and reducing waste.

We expressed this at ISE through three key words:

Quality – Service – Sustainability

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our consistently low failure rate, one of the best in the industry. Our global service and support program enables our partners to repair or replace displays in any market, regardless of where they were purchased. The repair will be managed by a local service provider thus minimising the environmental impact of shipping.


By offering support for the repair and refurbishment of our products, we are providing the greatest possible added value whilst helping our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

Read more about our sustainable management and how we are extending the life cycle:

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Controlled efficiency

At ISE, we put Hiperwall v8.0 in the spotlight, centrally driving content to the majority of the displays and projectors on our stand. The curved FE Series dvLED display was the centrepiece of our stand simulating a command and control scenario where operators managed a number of sources driving content to the output displays.

Hiperwall’s IP-based infrastructure supports diverse system integration workflows which can be adapted as requirements change without the cost, complexity, and limitations of legacy AV-based proprietary systems.

This efficiency continues through the use of NaViSet Administrator, a network-based monitoring and control system. Organisations can significantly reduce their power consumption through NaViSet’s remote power management functions, automatically controlling the power state across multiple displays.

At ISE, the combination of Hiperwall and NaViSet demonstrated how large organisations can make significant savings, reducing waste and lowering power consumption, by making their workflows more efficient.

Learn more about the advantages of Hiperwall Learn more about the advantages of NaViSet



Modular computing

At ISE, we demonstrated our innovative open modular design, meaning the display solution you need for today will continue to meet your changing needs in the future. By upgrading the computing power of the display, signage isn’t disposed of, but repurposed or reconfigured, extending the life of the display and reducing waste.

Our open modular slot-in options offer an interchangeable selection of solutions including computing technology (SDM, OPS, and Raspberry Pi), media playback and signal distribution (e.g. AVoverIP) for unlimited versatility. The embedded device reduces power usage resulting in significant energy savings, whilst cabling and additional mounting systems become obsolete.

Learn more about our Open Modular Intelligence

Whatever your application and usage needs, with our broadest portfolio of visual devices and services, Sharp/NEC has the perfect-fit solution to your unique scenario. With long-life and high-quality forming the bedrock of our sustainable management, a partnership with Sharp/NEC promises products, solutions, and services that last.