The NEC Open Modular Platform

The NEC Open Modular Platform powered by signageOS is the complete suite of tools and cloud-based services for the NEC Open Modular Intelligence digital signage hardware.


Simplified Integration

Integration with NEC hardware is easier than ever before with the NEC Open Modular Platform. Through the NEC and signageOS partnership, digital signage partners can now access the complete NEC hardware portfolio with the signageOS single API and codebase. Develop once and instantly benefit from hardware-agnostic compatibility.


NEC partners can now utilize signageOS’ universal APIs (application programming interface) as the foundation for complete hardware integration and management thereby simplifying the entire onboarding process.


These APIs act as the universal interface between NEC hardware and custom digital signage solutions like content management systems, systems integrators, managed solutions companies and many other digital signage services.

The NEC Open Modular Platform offers partners a framework to easily build custom solutions for Raspberry Pi as well as for future NEC hardware. This framework provides all of the knowledge and tools necessary for universal compatibility to the NEC hardware portfolio making it unlike any other digital signage platform.

The possibilities are endless when you can conveniently combine NEC services to your existing or newly built device network through the NEC Open Modular Platform.

Cloud-Based Device Management

The NEC Open Modular Platform provides a web-based device management console for companies to register devices, manage all device settings, monitor the health of each network, and last but not least, automate these processes so the management console does the work for you. Collaborate with your entire development team in the management console and track development changes to minimize network downtime.

Through signageOS’ development for hardware and software compatibility, extensive management, monitoring, and reporting features are instantly available for use with the NEC Open Modular Platform. Seamlessly update applications or firmware, change orientation or resolution, control entire networks and much more with the Open Modular Platform’s management and monitoring capabilities.


The out-of-box hardware management and monitoring tools offered by the Open Modular Platform adds substantial flexibility and control to your digital signage network.

Instead of re-writing the code of the CMS for a specific operating system and then adding another integration for hardware management and monitoring, NEC now offers the complete package all in one easy-to-use digital signage platform.

Scalable Performance Levels with Future-Proof Technology

The performance of any digital signage network depends on the quality of the hardware implementation and the integration into 3rd party software. The NEC Open Modular Platform optimizes the Open Modular Intelligence hardware through utilizing signageOS’ technology to form a scalable, future-proof platform.


The NEC Open Modular Platform offers the highest performance levels possible with extensive features and functionality. signageOS’ custom development for NEC hardware like Raspberry Pi, provides partners with enhanced performance in areas like content playback, streaming, and updating.

Extensive testing in areas like security, GPU acceleration, and proprietary component updates was completed to ensure high performance for even the most demanding and advanced digital signage use cases. signageOS’ ongoing development for NEC hardware will ensure that the Open Modular Platform maintains a future-proof approach to digital signage hardware.

Complete Digital Signage Ecosystem

NEC is taking digital signage to the next level with the NEC Open Modular Platform as the foundation for a complete digital signage ecosystem.

The Open Modular Platform brings all of the NEC hardware, partners, and services that you have come to trust together with the signageOS technology so that you can build strong and reliable digital signage networks. Build your business around the NEC Open Modular Platform for the complete digital signage ecosystem and benefit from an Open Modular future.


How to integrate the NEC Open Modular Platform?

Integration and management of NEC hardware is easier than ever before and we are looking for digital signage innovators to be among the first to benefit from the NEC Open Modular Platform’s tools and services. If you would like to learn more about the integration process or get your company’s integration started, we welcome you to contact NEC.

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