The new P and V Series

Are You Ready for the World of Open Platform Displays?

Discover 10 reasons why the new P Series and V Series Digital Signage Displays - with their modular Raspberry Pi compute module expansion - will bring a whole new dimension to your Digital Signage.


1. Raspberry Pi - The smart expansion

The open platform modular approach with Raspberry Pi has opened up a range of possibilities through the combination of reliable Signage displays, and the smart performance of the new resource-saving computing champion.

  • Open platform
  • Modular and upgradable
  • Seamless integration
  • Special Raspberry Pi Edition

The Raspberry Pi NEC Edition features:

  • Extended onboard memory of 16 GB
  • Real time clock to meet the particular demands of professional Signage Software applications
  • The compute module is simply slotted into the display for a seamless fully integrated solution, making external mounting obsolete
  • Modular and upgradable solution with an internal connection for power, video, audio, USB and Ethernet

2. Modern and slim design

The new elegant slimline design ensures uncomplicated integration into any application and environment where the simplicity of its shape supports an unhindered viewing experience. The reduced depth means that access to buildings and integration within interior design is straightforward and hassle-free. The application flexibility is further extended by its ability to install the displays in Portrait, Landscape, table mode or even face down to create all-encompassing Signage scenarios.

  • Slimline Design
  • Reduced depth
  • Flexible installation

3. Let your message shine

The new V series screen provides effortless readability under common light conditions, thanks to a brightness output of 500 cd/m². The new P Series guarantees compelling readability even in bright ambient light conditions with high brightness levels of 700 cd/m². Both Series include an anti-glare surface to shun reflections and light disturbances.

  • Brightness levels up to 700 cd/m²
  • Anti-glare surface

4. What you see is what you get

All features and components support and enhance consistently superior imaging performance even under varying and demanding ambient conditions. Full control of all visual parameters including brightness, colour, gamma and uniformity is managed via the Spectraview Engine for precise and reliable images.

  • Superior image performance to support accurate, natural and CI-compatible images
  • Visual parameters managed by SpectraView calibration software
  • Perfect visual experience in all environments

5. Future Ready with Open Modular Intelligence Expansion

Upgrading the power of your display at any time is not limited to the new Raspberry Pi compute module, but also possible for the wide range of OPS Slot-in PCs or signal interfaces for content feed and computing. Replace all external sources, mounts and cables with an integrated Slot-In solution to deliver a tailor-made performance.

OPS (“Open Pluggable Specification”) is the first industry-wide digital signage standard and targets safe investments compared to built-in SoC (System-on-chip) players as the display performance remains upgradable, thanks to the modular design.

  • Seamlessly integrated Slot-In solutions
  • Tailored performance

6. Out-of-the-box signage solution

The integrated Media Player supports easy content playback and management for out-of-the box signage solutions which could not be simpler. Content can be transferred through the USB interface or network connectivity. Just connect your USB stick to the display and off you go - Starting Digital Signage will never be easier.

  • Easy content playback via integrated media player
  • Management for out-of-the box signage solutions

7. Reliability isn’t just a buzzword at NEC

Our meticulous selection of industrial-grade components and considered product design ensures mission-critical 24/7 ready operation. Maintaining the robust metal framework and back cover makes the P and V Series the safest choice for installation in public spaces. Our efforts are focused upon delivering an inspiring and dependable viewer experience, even in the most demanding environments.

  • Industrial grade components
  • Mission critical 24/7
  • For most demanding usage scenarios

8. Offering tailor-made Digital Signage displays

This targeted Digital Signage solution turns your Display into an interactive wayfinding solution, an extra robust infotainment screen in public spaces or an information display coloured to your brand identity. Select from a large range of Multi-Touch Monitors, Protective or Mirror Glass options as well as for overframes available in any colour meeting your requirements.

  • Tailored digital signage displays
  • Multi-Touch
  • Protective and Mirror glass
  • Any colour

9. Connect to the future

A range of connectivity options and support of the latest signal standards ensures a seamless integration into traditional and modern infrastructures. The audio output options turn the screens into true multimedia-heroes. Advanced functionality such as signal daisy chaining - for smart signal distribution across multiple displays - and LAN Daisy chaining for Multi-Display control reduce installation times, while running Display networks efficiently. The USB connection allows integration of powered USB devices such as compute-sticks or the NEC MultiPresenter wireless presentation solution.

  • Great connectivity
  • True multi-media
  • Smart signal distribution
  • Multi-display control

10. Winning context aware signage

Intelligent, context aware signage and measurement of visitors’ behaviour is making digital signage more effective and attractive. Data such as age, gender and dwell time enables key sectors such as retail to provide better services, consultancy and product choice in line with an individual’s preferences to deliver a personalised experience.

NEC’s leafengine facilitates the gathering of data for audience analytics, connecting sensor technology through a standardised interface for more intelligent and personalised digital signage.

NEC’s Field Analyst software can track age, gender, dwell time and quality of viewing impact of visitors in front of the camera, in order to adapt screen content to make signage campaigns more effective.

  • Context aware communication
  • Sensor based interaction

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