NEC PH3501QL 4K RB Laser Projector

What can we expect from the world’s brightest RB laser projector?

NEC has just launched the world’s brightest red-blue (RB) laser projector, the PH3501QL, at ISE 2018. We are excited to receive excellent feedback from the market and from visitors to the show. We talked to Gerd Kaiser, our Senior Product Manager for Large Venue and Digital Cinema Projectors, about what we can expect from the world’s brightest RB laser projector.

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How can your business benefit from the PH3501QL?

Projection is making pioneering new advancements with the NEC PH3501QL 4K RB laser projector delivering 40,000 center lumens brightness. The new flagship model harnesses the best of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technologies resulting in a powerful projector which delivers compelling benefits in terms of cost, operational efficiency and immersive image quality.

This projector is a premium solution for fixed installations in multi-purpose sports and events halls, theatres, museums and leisure parks as well as for most demanding mapping applications and for rental and staging purposes.


IMPRESS – NEC’s New Laser Projectors

Interview with Gerd Kaiser, Senior Product Manager for Large Venue and Digital Cinema Projectors at NEC

What’s the big news about the new RB Laser projectors?

NEC has been delighting cinema audiences with its big screen digital projection for decades! With this new range of RB laser projectors we are bringing this cinema image quality to a much wider audience. You will benefit from true 4K imagery and super high brightness of up to 40,000 center lumens, generating perfect viewing experiences in auditoriums and lecture halls for all kind of visual presentation. Incredible images should not be the sole preserve of the movie theatre!

How does the new projector series differ from alternative products?

The use of a red and blue laser light source goes beyond the colour and brightness output of traditional laser phosphor projection systems to deliver a brilliant image with high uniformity. By combining the best of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technology we are offering immersive and calibratable image quality alongside huge cost savings to our customers through long-lasting, maintenance-free operation.

Which visitors to the fair showed potentially high interest in this solution and for which application in particular is it interesting?

I had very interesting conversations with people looking for large venue visualization solutions, some were from rental and staging companies. We were discussing projection in multi-purpose sports and events halls, theatres, museums and leisure parks and the new RB projectors fitted their needs perfectly.

What reaction did you get from fairgoers concerning the new super-bright projector series?

The overriding reaction was one of surprise at the modest investment, they were impressed that such a remarkable image was easily attainable compared to alternative solutions. They were also impressed by the wide selection of lenses and the installation flexibility through the extra-wide lens shift - better than any real 4K competitive laser product on the market.

How can readers find out whether the two new Large Venue projectors offer benefits for their business?

The best way to really appreciate the compelling benefits of laser projection is to experience them first hand. We know that our laser projectors make a lasting impression but we want you to find out for yourself! Exclusively for our business customers, we are offering one week’s free of charge hire, including free delivery and collection.