Sustained satisfaction with preventative service for digital signage

Digital signage opens up limitless opportunities for companies to present their messages in a compelling way, something that many organisations have already recognised.

However, what has yet to catch on is the notion that preventative service measures, such as maintenance and checking the operating settings, can increase these opportunities even further and save users real money. Neglecting regular service measures can lead to malfunctions and reduced functionality of the technologies.

Yet many digital signage users shy away from investing in preventative measures. Hanns Fritzsche, Manager Solution & Service Management, and Miguel Vieira, Service Portfolio Manager at Sharp/NEC, explain why that’s not the last word on the subject, and how regular maintenance can increase return on investment (ROI).


The key to greater sustainability and efficiency

The benefits of preventative service measures become especially clear in the context of sustainability. Regular maintenance can significantly extend the life of digital signage while improving performance and minimising downtime. This in turn contributes to corporate sustainability goals, as fewer repairs mean less travel, diminished drain on resources and reduced electronic waste.

Preventative services also enable early detection and resolution of problems such as overheating, outdated firmware versions, and displays that are not optimally customised.

Sharp/NEC is a pioneer in preventative service measures and attaches great importance to the best price-performance ratio over the entire lifetime of the visual solutions. That’s because the reliable performance of your digital signage is our mission – especially in critical environments. Outages at locations such as airports, for example, may cause not only financial and advertising problems, but could even have security-related consequences.


Must-have vs. nice-to-have

Digital signage service also has its must-haves and nice-to-haves. Indispensable measures begin even prior to purchase with extensive customer advice on selecting the right product. Smooth operation of the solutions requires regular cleaning of the devices and calibration of the screens, as well as continuous firmware updates.

Although not absolutely essential, it’s extremely helpful to use optimised basic settings. Sharp/NEC already delivers devices within these settings and, if necessary, helps with their adjustment during installation. For example, setting the ideal brightness of the displays at the customer’s site means, taking into account not only the intended use, but alsoenergy efficiency during operation.

Sustainability: focus on the future

Thanks to the use of smart sensor technology, users can at times greatly reduce the carbon footprint of digital signage while extending the service life of the solutions through environmentally-friendly use. This technology also supports interconnected smart building concepts, which still offer great potential and can be further developed. This is also where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes into play, bringing with it the possibility of remote maintenance and settings. With NaViSet Administrator 2 from Sharp/NEC, for example, users can manage and monitor entire digital signage networks.


Services from Sharp/NEC

Our services focus on the needs of our customers and users. We go beyond the industry standard and offer local, decentralised services to ensure short transport routes and fast processing. Our goal is to offer personal advice and ensure that we best meet our customers’ requirements.

The extensive services within our partner network include not only the installation and calibration of the technologies, but also cleaning services and the disposal of packaging material. We offer these services both directly and through our global partner network. We also attach great importance to providing regular training for our account managers and partners to ensure that they always have the necessary know-how to understand and implement preventative maintenance and service as valuable factors.

The long-standing cooperation with integrators has proven itself time and again in this area. Our customers trust in the quality of our products and services and know that we are always there to help them with advice and assistance. On request, our sales engineers can also provide advice on site at the customer’s premises to ensure the best support.