Optimum Visual Ergonomics

Even in high brightness Environments

Offering a brightness of up to 2.000 cd/m2 - nearly three times that of most other professional large-screen displays - the MultiSync X474HB is easily visible in shopping windows or cabinets for outdoor applications.


NEC Display Solutions set a new benchmark with its new sunlight-readable professional MultiSync X474HB large format display.

This innovative large format display delivers optimum visual ergonomics even in high brightness environments. The 47” specialty LCD display is designed to intelligently adapt to its surroundings, offering a bright, clear image when required, without wasting energy when it's not.

NEC MultiSync® X474HB

47" XHB-Series large format display, 2.000 cd/m², Direct LED backlight, 24/7 proof, OPS slot, Interface Extension slot


Optimal visual ergonomics are ensured thanks to a 10-bit color S-IPS panel, which allows for deeper blacks and better off-angle viewing.

Direct LED backlighting and new local dimming functionality allow for improved contrast ratio and lower power consumption.

A Quarter-Lambda optical film is integrated to overcome polarization of light emitted by the display. This guarantees full readability in semi-outdoor installations for both landscape and portrait orientations when wearing polarized sunglasses.

An NFC sensor is incorporated into the chassis which can be addressed via a matching app for Android devices. This will help reduce installation cost as several displays can be easily configured before they are mounted.

Built-in OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) option slot and expanded connectivity options, such as DisplayPort 1.2, give installers flexibility and reduce overall setup time.

The combination of intelligent power saving and thermal management features not only reduces energy usage, but also ensures that the display aligns with NEC's Green Vision for sustainability and is as eco-friendly as possible.