Case Studies

Erste Group Bank AG

Harmony of art and technology

The clue is in the name: the “Grand Hall” is a spacious venue with state-of-the-art plug and play technology, it accommodates up to 500 people in the heart of the “Erste Campus”, the representative headquarters of Erste Group Bank AG in Vienna.

Case Studies

NEC WD551 at Exertis

From unboxing to meeting mode in minutes!

The WD551 brings quality, reliability and simplicity, enabling you to focus on your business, not the technology.

Case Studies

SMA Solar Technology AG

Streaming studio and display technology powered by rooftop solar energy

Since the start of the pandemic, most companies have moved their communications and events to the digital world, but very few have gone as far as SMA Solar Technology: The photovoltaic specialist has installed a fully solar-powered streaming studio in its facilities to stream events and webinars and shoot on-demand videos.

Case Studies

Lumen Hotel & The Lisbon Light Show

Projection mapping celebrates the ‘Light of Lisbon’

At the Lumen Hotel, the architectural features within the interior garden have been cleverly embraced to become a unique selling point. Using video mapping techniques, a daily “Light of Lisbon” projection show gives visitors a magical and immersive visual experience.

Case Studies

Munich Airport

Large Surface LED Advertising

To draw attention in a large, brightly lit space; you need a large, brightly lit presence. At Munich Airport Terminal 1, Sharp/NEC dvLED technology creates an uninterrupted ~5 by 3 metre image presenting content in high brightness and high contrast. A presence that cannot be ignored.

Case Studies


From Analogue to Digital – Upgrading the Shopping Experience With Digital Signage

In its store in Berlin’s Spandau Arcaden, until recently, the fashion brand WALBUSCH used analogue advertising media to draw attention to current fashion trends. This has now been replaced by digital signage modules from Sharp/NEC.

Case Studies

Eden Court Theatre

Centralised signage delivery to engage audiences and reduce costs

Serving the Highland community with a state-of-the-art entertainment venue, Eden Court employs display technology from Sharp/NEC to promote forthcoming shows, films, projects and events with tailored content scheduled to optimise engagement and reduce costs.

Case Studies

Regional Security Centre Olsztyn

Reliable, 24/7 monitoring of emergency services

New investment at the Regional Security Centre proves that crisis management sector institutions must continue to function effectively and develop for future operations despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. The Centre, which serves the District of Olsztyn in Poland, chooses ultra-narrow bezel visual technology from Sharp/NEC to equip its emergency services control rooms.

Case Studies

InfraServ Wiesbaden

The combined cycle power plant of the future

Control centre operators need a quick overview of operating data and processes; this enables them to accurately assess situations, identify potential faults in good time, and optimise processes. This also applies to energy providers who have to monitor critical processes around the clock.

Case Studies


Flexible Workspace Design

Seamlessly integrating into the ever-changing office landscape, Sharp/NEC displays and interactive collaboration devices are the essential centrepiece in the hybrid working environment.