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Redefining the concept of in-store signage

Fashion and lifestyle concept store, 18montrose, presents shoppers with a gallery, showroom and shop, all-in-one, at London’s coolest new retail destination in Kings Cross. The space features NEC large format screens displaying immersive content and product information aiming to connect the physical world of 18montrose more closely to the online, The versatile space also allows for catwalk shows, product launches, and musical performances to take place all year round.

The Challenge

Systems integrator Multimedia Plus was responsible for the technical specification, solution and installation expertise in partnership with Dataton and NEC Display Solutions.
“The brief was to transform the space into a retail-nightclub hybrid, with maximum flexibility of content,” says Guy Ferguson, creative technologist, at Multimedia Plus. “This is dictated by the events, there are several a month with different sponsors, or by a featured brand. Store content changes, so the video content must change too. The screens can be controlled from one console, either on site or remotely over LAN.”

18montroseDetail1The NEC Solution

“This dynamic retail installation comprises three aisles, lined with 18 screens on each side, plus a bank of 20 screens at the end of each aisle,” says Guy. “Because the last aisle in the store is half the size of the others, the client designed and installed a mirror wall to give the illusion that the screen image and store carried on. This produces a very interesting effect.”

The technical solution relies on Dataton’s Watchout to deliver complex content to the screens. Remotely programmed by Multimedia Plus, each of four Watchpax media servers drive content to up to 16 NEC displays, 132 in total. A robust solution, the system provides the flexibility to support day and evening event usage. The NEC X464UNV supports consistently accurate image rendering and high operational security designed for the rigors of 24/7 usage. NEC’s FrameComp supports a seamless appearance, crucial for fast moving content, creating one stunning image by synchronising the content across the entire video wall.

“When featuring branded content from some of the biggest names in premium fashion, colour fidelity and reliability is absolutely crucial, anything less than perfect would be flagged immediately. By using NEC display technology we know we are satisfying the highest demands of our client and we are certain of the best technical support,” says Guy Ferguson.

The Results

The permutations are endless in this dynamic installation which blurs the border between fashion store, gallery and showroom. Each of the 132 screens can show different content, or all screens can show the same content to give a seamless visual experience, or a variation of the two. This flexibility allows the store to create brand zones, specifying a number of screens to reflect the fashion brand on display, and thus the perfect, dedicated, advertising space.


“A retail environment is different from events,” says Guy. “For a typical wide screen installation, the audience is several metres away from the screens, but here everyone is up close, so resolution is critical. I reckon we’re pushing over 186 million pixels!”