Sharp/NEC - Client installation - Broadcasting

ARTE Journal

Sharp/NEC video walls at the heart of the news on ARTE

ARTE is a public cultural and European channel whose mission is to bring Europeans closer together, it is financed by the audio-visual contribution in France and Germany. On air since 1992, ARTE is committed to issues that are important to the citizens of Europe: the fight against inequalities, whether they are social, cultural, economic, geographic, gender or disability-related, as well as sustainable development.

The new ARTE Journal and ARTE Journal Junior studio set in Strasbourg, completed this year, now includes three new NEC video walls.

The Challenge

The European channel wanted to develop its studio set within the confines of its existing structure. Completed in January 2021, the new ARTE Journal and ARTE Journal Junior studio in Strasbourg now includes three new video walls from NEC.

Sharp/NEC technology is already in use at ARTE’s headquarters. The requirements for the new studio demanded the latest technology and were met with the MultiSync® UN552VS. Firstly in terms of aesthetics with thinner bezels than the existing configuration, secondly in terms of display quality and performance, and finally, specific technical requirements:
VESA 400 compatibility, HDMI connectivity or even the possibility of reverse scanning and support for HD content.


Given the end use – broadcasting still or moving images in a brightly-lit environment - two performance criteria were of particular importance: the elimination of as many reflections as possible and an advanced calibration mode to ensure perfect display uniformity and colourimetry of the images in the foreground.

The Sharp/NEC Solution

The UN552VS screens demonstrate the technical performance required to meet these two performance criteria. The S-IPS LCD screen with direct LED backlighting benefits from a professional anti-reflection treatment (28% haze) to avoid any form of glare and to optimise the readability of the images.

At the same time, the integrated SpectraView engine provides a comprehensive calibration solution to fine tune brightness, colourimetry, chromatic scale and uniformity across the entire configuration.

Other factors also influence the decision to use Sharp/NEC technology: the flexibility to vary the installation formats, low energy consumption, long lifetime, warranty conditions with the possibility to extend the warranty to 5 years, in addition to the durability and price.


The result

In total, the new studio set integrates 20 ultra-thin bezel LCD UN552VS screens, divided into three video walls: one set of 12 screens positioned horizontally, a second set of 5 screens positioned vertically, and the last set of 3 screens installed horizontally.

The project was successfully completed following close collaboration between ARTE’s technical management and Sharp/NEC, CACV and XEOS for the integration part, and Cognacq Jay Image for the calibration.