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Technology that focuses on people

Its motto ‘simplicity, integrity, inspiration’ lead Brainlab to partner with NEC to deliver intuitive technology offering impressive quality and reliability to provide an inspiring visual experience.

Improving accessibility and consistency in patient care around the world is Brainlab’s vision. To achieve this, the company develops, produces, and markets software-supported medical technology for effectively treating patients through minimally invasive procedures. Brainlab has expanded since its founding in 1989 and now employs around 1,360 people at 18 subsidiaries around the world and at the company’s headquarters in Munich, where 700 people work. Due to this strong business growth, the management decided to move the company’s headquarters in January 2017. Brainlab now enjoys its new location on the former airport grounds in Riem, a unique site that includes the former airport’s historic landmark tower.

The Challenge

Placing people at the centre

Where planes had once taken to the skies, now a five-storey office and production complex covering 24,500 square metres offers space for a growing workforce. The new complex not only provides ample room for staff, it also houses a central showroom to highlight the company’s products. This gives the medical technology company the opportunity to invite its customers to attend events, training sessions, and demonstrations held in the main building.


Further improvements include equipping 58 new meeting rooms with the latest technology to support internal training sessions that help prepare employees for the new customer business and services.

“We faced a mammoth project before we could move to the new site,” remembers Florian Hoffmann, Director of R&D Platforms. “The old tower had to be remodeled, the new building needed to be built and staff had to move without significant interruption to our business. For add-ons such as media technology, we had a tight schedule of just one year and therefore needed to have strong partners on board.”

From old to new

Providing a suitable backdrop for the historic landmark tower proved to be a particular challenge: “The historic landmark preservation agency was very accommodating when it came to our remodeling work. That made it all the more important for us to retain the charm of the much-loved building whilst also giving it a new lease on life. We therefore decided to create a unique and exclusive event location in the upper section of the tower. In the bottom section, we wanted to create two outstanding meeting rooms for board meetings and customer presentations,” Hoffmann explains.

The NEC Solution

Simplicity, integrity, inspiration

In keeping with its motto “simplicity, integrity, inspiration”, Brainlab sought a partner that would deliver easy-to-use technology with impressive quality and provide an inspiring visual experience for customers and employees — all with a view to achieving the company’s vision to create an exceptional headquarters. The products and services from NEC Display Solutions met all these requirements. “It came down to a decision between NEC and another display manufacturer,” Hoffmann recalls. “In the end, NEC won us over with not only the quality of its solutions, but especially through the personal contact we had with the company’s product managers and management team. We simply felt we were in very good hands.”


Following joint planning discussions, 22 x 55” NEC X554UNV monitors and nine x NEC X554UNS PG 55” displays were installed in the demo area on the ground floor. Visitors can experience Brainlab’s hardware and software products live and gain insight into the intricacies of medical technology — without thick bezels that would spoil the look. In the auditorium on the other side of the entrance hall, two x NEC PX1004UL laser projectors produce cinema-quality images for top-class customer and employee presentations. Laser diodes in conjunction with a high-quality phosphor wheel ensure an operating life of over 20,000 hours with low overall operating costs and no need to change filters. In the new building’s 46 meeting rooms, 45 x 55” NEC X551UHD UHD displays and eight x NEC X401S 40” displays are in use.

The Result

Impressive quality

Employees and customers are delighted with the new opportunities at the old airport site: “The high-quality solutions in the demo area, the meeting and presentation rooms and the event area serve as impressive reminders every single day. Our investment in tailor-made technologies has already paid off for us,” Hoffmann states in summing up the company’s experience. “At the moment, we’re thinking about a new training centre and here as well we’d be delighted to work with our partner NEC Display Solutions.”