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Lumen Hotel & The Lisbon Light Show

Projection mapping celebrates the ‘Light of Lisbon’

At the Lumen Hotel, the architectural features within the interior garden have been cleverly embraced to become a unique selling point. Using video mapping techniques, a daily “Light of Lisbon” projection show gives visitors a magical and immersive visual experience.

Inaugurated in 2021, this superior 4-star hotel is the first in Portugal to offer an immersive experience of light, through a video mapping show that introduces Lisbon to its guests. Lisbon is famed for its extraordinary light, enjoying more than 3,000 hours of sunshine it is noted by both artists and photographers. Located in the heart of the city, the Lumen Hotel promises to honor the famous Light of Lisbon through its sensational light show.

The Challenge

The huge walls, two of which are eight stories high, and large buttresses around the central garden could be regarded as a design challenge, and yet they are now the backdrop to a visitor attraction which has put the Lumen Hotel on the map. By embracing the challenge and turning it into a feature, the Lumen Hotel has differentiated itself from other hotel operators with a unique local attraction.

Using NEC projection and video mapping techniques, the walls of the courtyard are transformed into a huge canvas upon which is projected an unforgettable feast of visual content with sound effects to complete the experience.


The Solution

Two NEC PX Series laser projectors using NP46ZL lenses are used for each wall, a total of six units. This 20,000AL projector was selected due to its high brightness, long life laser light source and robust build qualities.

“The fact that we have worked with NEC projectors since 2009 gave us the experience and confidence to be comfortable partnering with Sharp/NEC to tackle this enormous challenge,” says Miguel Cordeiro, Technical Director at EMG who masterminded the AV installation.

In order to position the projectors on the rooftop, weather protection cases from Proietta are used, one of which was custom built to house dual projectors. RTI processors, BrightSign players and Geobox controllers complete the solution making it fully automatic and remotely controlled enabling it to be flexibly used for many different customer-focused scenarios, adapting content accordingly.

To be able to fully deliver a project as challenging as this was only made possible through a strong reliable partnership between Liscic/Listopsis, EMG, and Sharp/NEC.

“Working with the NEC brand gives us the necessary security to embrace these challenging projects with confidence, with equipment which offers the excellent characteristics needed for this type of installation,” confirms Inês Pita, General Manager at Listopsis.

The Result

The Lumen Hotel project was highly demanding and technically very challenging, but the result is a fully integrated and automated AV system incorporated across the entire hotel.

Alexandre Marto Pereira, Member of the Board, ARFH Hotels, SA summarises the success of the project:

“The video mapping installed at The Lumen Hotel & The Lisbon Light Show has transformed our client proposition. Besides the show, which gives the name to the hotel, we use the Sharp/NEC solution to project other themed content for other events including our Christmas and New Year shows. It allows us to create a fantastic environment that transports our guests to a magical place. We are able to adapt usage to project content to suit our corporate guests and it offers a unique opportunity to customise content to welcome special guests and support themed events. The visibility of the show produced using NEC projection has allowed the hotel to create a buzz, which, on top of the reputation we already hold through the quality of our guest services, has significantly raised our profile.”

The spectacle has created much media coverage which has helped to increase brand awareness and boost sales for the hotel.