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SMA Solar Technology AG

Streaming studio and display technology powered by rooftop solar energy

Since the start of the pandemic, most companies have moved their communications and events to the digital world, but very few have gone as far as SMA Solar Technology: The photovoltaic specialist has installed a fully solar-powered streaming studio in its facilities to stream events and webinars and shoot on-demand videos.

The challenge: filmable displays for visually unique streams

SMA is the world’s leading photovoltaic system specialist based in the municipality of Niestetal in Hesse. It has over 40 years of experience in the decentralised, digital and renewable supply of energy. Over 3,000 employees in 18 different countries provide innovative solutions to give people and companies around the world more independence in the sustainable use of energy.

In 2020, SMA decided to install a fully comprehensive streaming studio to raise its corporate communications to a new level during the ongoing pandemic. The idea was to make it as easy as possible for its specialist employees to stream webinars, interviews and product presentations on SMA’s intranet – and record tutorials and face-to-face video conferences – without the need for additional training.

One of the challenges when planning the studio revolved around the choice of display solutions. The customer requested two types of product: filmable LFDs and preview monitors for checking each shoot. The filmable displays had to meet specific criteria: They had to be very bright – but with a matt surface – to impress audiences with excellent image quality; and the devices had to be operated via a network to ensure smooth integration within the company’s media control system.

SMA also had stringent design specifications: The displays had to have a modern and slim-line appearance with integrated loudspeakers for an aesthetically pleasing overall look, so as not to distract from the content shown in broadcasts.


The solution: premium image quality with a slim design

SMA commissioned D’ART DESIGN GRUPPE GmbH to plan its compact streaming studio. When it came to implementing the design and selecting products, D’ART and SMA called upon Maximilian Doerge, a presentation technology specialist at SIGMA System Audio-Visuell GmbH, in April 2021.

“When selecting the display solutions for the streaming studio, it quickly became clear to us that Sharp / NEC was the manufacturer of choice”, says project manager Doerge. “In terms of quality and value for money, the products met all of our studio requirements: professional, large and very bright screens that can be controlled reliably” .

“For the preview monitors, we went for three NEC MultiSync E437Q displays. The high image quality helps studio users keep an eye on their streams – live and in colour – at all times. What’s more, the preview monitors can also be used flexibly as teleprompters”, adds Doerge. For the filmable displays, SIGMA opted for the NEC MultiSync P554 and NEC MultiSync V654Q. Both feature a modern and slim design, which is extremely important for the recordings. The very bright, low-reflection screens also offer viewers a more enjoyable experience during the streams.

The result: a fully comprehensive streaming studio for all requirements

After a short planning phase and an implementation period of just three months, SMA has been using its fully functional 40 m² streaming studio since September 2021, taking its corporate communications to a whole new level.

SMA’s employees now have access to an intuitive studio system that can easily be used by one person alone thanks to numerous pre-sets. The studio also comes with an “expert mode” for more complex productions, enabling the camera and video signal routing to be flexibly controlled. Thanks to its mobile green screen, the studio can also be used to create virtual productions and sophisticated videos.

Anyone who watches the company’s streams and webinars can now enjoy first-class, pixel-free productions in UHD quality. “SMA is extremely happy with the end result. We were able to quickly meet the customer’s requirements and had no problems with the technology. And do you know what the best part is? The streaming studio is powered by the solar panels installed on SMA’s roof. The installation not only features the latest technology – it’s also green”, concludes Doerge.