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NEC was assigned the task of creating an energy-ef!cient audio visual infrastructure at United Spaces along with Adeste, supplier of PRINT and VISION solutions, and Lexter, supplier of sound design in public environments. The integrated solutions would, among other things, contribute to a better working environment, involving users in United Spaces’ environmental goals and enhancing the modern feeling that permeates the premises.

United Spaces is a modern meeting and working space located in one of the most environmentally friendly and modern business centres, the Waterfront Building, in central Stockholm. United Spaces hosts among other things, of!ces, meeting rooms and conference rooms, and it also serves as a venue for major seminars and lectures. Companies of all sizes from around the world rent the different rooms and workplaces according to their speci!c needs.

United Spaces follows the Waterfront Building’s strict requirements in terms of both design and environmental responsibility, which has a major in"uence on the kind of products they choose for their premises. Functional design and a well functioning infrastructure play an important role for United Spaces.


The Challenge

Audio visual devices must follow the requirements set by United Spaces in terms of both environmental friendliness and design. The equipment must be as energy-saving as possible whilst enhancing the modern feeling of United Spaces.

The premises are rented by different users who often use the technical equipment for a short period. For this reason, it was important to !nd an optimal audio visual solution which was both simple to use and easy to get started with.

The integrated audio visual solution had to be very "exible since the different parts of the premises place different demands on the characteristics of the equipment used. The audio visual devices in public areas would provide visitors with both entertainment and important information, whilst the requested features for the equipment to be used in meeting and conference rooms were of a more practical nature.

The NEC Solution

NEC’s environmentally friendly LED monitors in the XS series, the 46” and 55” models, are installed meeting United Spaces’ speci!c environmental requirements on the equipment. The units are used both as information screens and monitors in the meeting rooms. The larger conference rooms are equipped with TCO certi!ed M series projectors. High-end PA series projector is installed for maximum performance in the arena, United Spaces’ largest meeting room.


NEC’s monitors are fed with information from the signage system, which measures and visualises energy consumption. This solution allows users to see how much energy they are consuming compared to previous periods. The monitors also display preprogrammed environmental messages. Instead of remote control devices, iPads are connected to the equipment to control audio visual sources in all the premises.

The Result

The audio visual infrastructure received a positive response from United Spaces’ users. NEC’s integrated solution makes the equipment more userfriendly because all units function in the same way. Using iPads to control the audio visual equipment helps users to quickly understand how to control the sound, monitors and projectors, since they are already used to touch-sensitive screens on, for instance, iPads and iPhones.

These audio visual solutions have also resulted in an improved feeling of well-being at United Spaces. Several users have reacted very positively to the way audio visual solutions have been adapted to the different rooms, and many of them are surprised at the exciting technology available. In addition, the audio visual infrastructure has contributed to a better working environment as the noise level is kept under control by simply using iPads and directional sound.


The innovative use of monitors to visualise both environmental messages and energy consumption serves as a constant reminder to both personnel and visitors of the importance of smart environmental thinking at the workplace.

“The integrated solutions have contributed to a better working environment in our premises. Many users appreciate the fact that the equipment is easy to use and that it starts working immediately”, says Eva von Wernstedt, CEO of United Spaces. “This "exible audio visual solution enables us to more easily meet the different needs of those users who pass through our premises daily. Thanks to the "exibility offered by this solution, there are endless possibilities for how we can use both audio and visual equipment in the future.”