Pushing the Limits of Technology

How does this improve my video wall?

Discover five improvements implemented in the new UN551S and UN551VS that will make video wall installations even more desirable.

With the new UN551S and UN551VS, NEC continues to push the limits of video wall technology with innovations to broaden its application. Recent new advances in reliability, homogeneous image playback and ease of installation and operation have introduced higher levels of achievement allowing current developments to focus on attaining one vast image area unimpeded by the modular design.


Five improvements implemented in the new UN551S and UN551VS:

1. New panel design creates seamlessly smooth surface

The new frameless design enables a unified multi-screen configuration delivering a seamless digital canvas. The huge digital surface created by adjoining displays is entirely flat allowing a completely homogeneous image across multiple screens.

2. Ultra-narrow bezel design creates smallest ever picture gap

The display comes with a barely visible 0.9mm image gap. The image interruption between displays is so minimal that your audience is treated to an unhindered viewing experience.


3. IPS panel technology delivers intense colours and perfect viewing results

The new 55-inch displays use S-IPS panels for superior picture quality and excellent colour reproduction even at extreme viewing angles in both landscape and portrait orientation. The new panel technology is ideal for scenarios such as retail advertising and digital-out-of-home, broadcasting, quick service restaurants and all other public spaces where enhanced visual experiences greatly impact customer engagement and business results.

4. Continuous workflow for mission critical applications with 24/7 operational performance

The UN551S and the UN551VS both deliver the highest operational security, approved for 24/7 applications. As Display brightness affects successful implementation of Digital Signage applications, the choice of brightness capability is crucial. The UN551S and UN551VS feature a display brightness of 500 cd/m² and is therefore suited for controllable ambient light situations. The higher brightness level of 700 cd/m² provided by the UN551S ensures longer brightness outputs of a predefined value and serves the majority of applications where ambient light is high but without direct sunlight impacting on the screen surface.

5. New generation high performance OPS Slot-in PCs provide the power

The sixth generation Intel® Core™ i processors offer perfectly crisp and clear UHD resolution, perfectly meeting the high demands of video wall content in up to native UHD resolution. According to 3DMark06 and Passmark08 benchmark software, the Slot-in PCs deliver up to 100% more 3D graphics performance and 40% more overall performance compared to their predecessors, responding to the needs of more resource hungry operations. Ultra-High Definition playback is supported as UHD signals from the Slot-in PC can be distributed internally to all displays via daisy chain, delivering realistic and “pixel-free” content. Slot-in PCs are the perfect solution to drive video wall content as they are seamlessly embedded into the displays along with all connectors such as Power, Video & Audio Signals and RS232.