Keep it simple: how to tackle the most complex of problems

Sharp/NEC UK channel account manager, Jack Wilders, draws on his experiences to recommend keeping it simple!

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Apples to apples: how to compare image quality across display technologies to deliver the best user experience

Find out how to optimise your display technology to deliver the best user experience, whatever the usage scenario.

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How to maximise usage of your digital signage assets to increase your return on investment

Utilising digital signage networks to manage the flow of customers not only helps to fulfil Covid-19 safety obligations, it also offers many more benefits, both to the shopper and the retailer.

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Are you winter-ready?

Find out how employers and employees can work together to support the health, wellbeing, safety and engagement of home-based workers

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Яркие, гибкие и рентабельные: почему светодиоды открывают возможности для досугового и музейного секторов

Хорошая видимость в условиях яркого окружающего освещения, настраиваемые установки и широкий спектр применения дает светодиодной технологии гибкость, необходимую для удовлетворения меняющихся запросов сектора досуга и музеев.

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Finding efficiencies through analytics to weather the storm

For all the buzz around analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), they’re simply tools. Massimo Gaetano, software programme manager at NEC Display Solutions Europe, investigates how AI and sensor technology offers compelling opportunities for businesses.

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NEC’s Alliance Partner Strategy predicts the future of business

Nils Karsten, strategic alliance manager at NEC Display Solutions EMEA, talks about how NEC is deploying a new but also classic model: an ecosystem that integrates partner competencies and technologies using strategic alliances.

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What will meetings look like in 2021?

6 tips to getting your meeting rooms prepped for business

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How is dvLED brightening the future of video content?

Thanks to recent advances in network speed, intuitive content management systems and easy content creation, video content delivery is becoming even more important, and dvLED is proving to be the visual technology of choice.

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Let’s talk warranties . . .

genuine peace of mind or flimsy marketing headline?

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