Sharp/NEC announces launch of new Sharp LA Series collaboration displays


Munich October 31, 2023 Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe is launching the new Sharp LA Series collaboration displays in 65”, 75” and 86” model sizes. The interactive displays are part of the broader collaboration portfolio family, including the Sharp LB Series (Business) and Sharp LC Series (Classroom) displays. With its comprehensive feature set, the LA Series (Advanced) is ideally suited for global organizations across various industries, including automotive, finance, government, consulting, defense, energy and utility.

The Sharp LA Series collaboration models are designed to ensure the highest IT security standards while promoting productivity in hybrid meeting scenarios. An Intel™ SDM slot expands the display's customization options and enables seamless integration with corporate IT systems. Using the optional SDM-L Slot-in PC Collaboration, users benefit from pre-installed features such as the new Sharp Meeting Launcher for quick access to preferred applications and VC platforms, the FlatFrog Board collaborative whiteboarding software, and AirServer™ for wireless screen sharing. In addition, users can securely connect their own notebooks via USB-C for maximum versatility in hybrid meetings and spontaneous collaborative interactions.

The interactive displays impress with their high brightness, high-haze panel, and premium glass coating, which ensure that content is optimally readable even in well-lit meeting rooms without distracting reflections, glare, or fingerprints. The exceptional, natural writing Pen-on-paper® experience and advanced interactive features such as Windows Ink, palm rejection and unique pressure sensitivity delivered by the integrated FlatFrog InGlass™ M5 premium touch system.

Furthermore, the LA Series is designed to help users reduce power consumption and work with the displays more sustainably. Energy savings can be achieved with the built-in eco-sensors like the motion sensor that turns the displays On or Off when people are entering or leaving a room. In addition, the brightness sensor automatically control the display’s brightness with respect to the current usage and external brightness. Local dimming contributes to a reduction in backlight power consumption by 25% on average.

“We are proud to finally complete our existing collaboration display portfolio with this new state-of-the-art interactive display series – the Sharp LA Series”, said Daniela Dexheimer, Section Manager Product Management Collaboration Technologies at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe. “Designed for high-end segments, the LA Series perfectly combines cutting-edge technology with the highest security standards, offering users unparalleled choice and flexibility for their meeting rooms – and making it even easier to use less power while working with the displays.”

For more information, please visit dedicated product web page.

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