Bright, filter-free, LCD installation projector series with IP5X rating – Sharp/NEC to launch new NEC PA1705UL and PA1505UL


Munich August 23, 2023 Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe announces a new series of bright LCD installation projectors: the NEC PA1705UL and the NEC PA1505UL are compact models for large-scale visualisation. In combination with their professional integration capabilities, the new LCD models are filter-free for almost zero maintenance long-life operation, making them ideally suited for use cases in higher education, corporate meeting room applications and in the leisure sector.

The new PA Series models are based on laser light technology, ensuring consistent image quality over a long lifespan, and almost maintenance-free operation. The bright, compact and silent models support flexible installations with a variety of built-in features such as Edge Blending, Geometric Control, Picture-in-Picture (PIP) configuration and HDBaseT-out. Moreover, users can select from a range of lenses, with a new family of seven lenses planned. ProAssist control software allows for easy management and adjustment of professional features and settings. The projectors are designed without filters and with a completely sealed engine, resulting in an IP5X rating. This design prevents the ingress of any dust and ensures flawless image quality across the entire canvas. Despite their very compact design, the NEC PA1705UL and NEC PA1505UL have a brightness of 17,000 Center Lumen and 15,000 Center Lumen, respectively, making them project crisp and clear pictures even in very bright surroundings.

“A clear advantage of the new installation projectors is their compact and filter-less design and their dust protection by which the models achieved an IP5X rating. With their protection against any ingress of dust, they are predestined to be used in environments with public traffic such as museums and auditoriums. Other fields of application include the corporate sector, for example in meeting rooms. With their brightness, the projectors are ideally suited for places where the viewers’ attention must be on the content – all with low noise distractions,” said Gerd Kaiser, Senior Product Line Manager Large Venue and Digital Cinema projection at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe. “The new PA Series provides users with a compact, yet powerful and flexible solution to create captivating projections for large-scale content sharing – we look forward to receiving our communities’ feedback!”

The new PA Series installation projector models are expected to be available from end of August 2023 onwards. For more information on the new PA Series, please visit dedicated web pages.

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