Towards Tomorrow: Sharp/NEC to present brand-new 13” and 25” ePaper displays at ISE 2024


Munich January 24, 2024 Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe announces the launch of the new Sharp ePaper 13" and 25" displays, marking a new era in energy-efficient signage solutions. As a digital alternative to paper posters, the ePaper displays are ideal for applications requiring static content with regular updates, such as POS promotions, menu boards, allergen information in retail and hospitality environments, timetables, or check-in and gate information in transportation environments.

Taking a substantial step forward towards the carbon-neutral era, the Sharp/NEC ePaper displays operate with zero power consumption during content playback, only drawing minimal power when updates are necessary. The displays ensure unimpaired readability even in the brightest environments, presenting static digital images with a low-reflection and paper-like quality. With full-colour capability enhanced by ACeP colour performance, they deliver outstanding visual performances with excellent contrast, wide viewing angles, and fine resolution for an ergonomic content presentation that looks remarkably like paper. The paper-like appearance is easy on the eyes with no reflections or blue light, underlining Sharp/NEC’s commitment to sustainability and viewer comfort.

The Sharp/NEC ePaper displays offer quick and flexible installation options. Their slim design, which supports landscape, portrait, face-up, and face-down operation, not only enhances aesthetics but also provides space for an optional battery for versatile power solutions. In addition, the ePaper displays feature an integrated System on a Chip (SoC) for a seamlessly intelligent and future-proof operation. It effortlessly delivers content through selected Content Management System (CMS) partners or offers a user-friendly experience with the simplest content management options via USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth.

"We are very excited to introduce the cutting-edge ePaper technology and showcase the two innovative displays at ISE 2024. They seamlessly integrate into our Sharp/NEC product portfolio, enabling users to create sustainable messages”, said Martin Lienau, Product Manager Large Format Displays at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe. “Therefore, we have high expectations for their great potential and are really looking forward to present the new products during ISE in Barcelona.”

The new Sharp ePaper displays will be on show at the Sharp/NEC stand at ISE 2024 (Stand E500, Hall 3) from January 30th through February 2nd, Fira Barcelona, Spain. For more information, please visit dedicated product web pages.

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