Wall Mount PD03W T M P

Настенное крепление PD03W T M P
Универсальное среднее/большое настенное крепление с функцией наклона для видеоэкранов NEC с диагональю от 45" до 65". Для портретной ориентации.

Номер заказа: 100014010

Цена по infomail _at_ sharpnec-displays _dot_ eu

  • Fast and easy installation and maintenance of menu boards
  • Connector kits easily connect mounts to create multi-monitor menu board configurations
  • Low-profile, fingertip tilt
  • Built-in cable stand provides easy access under the screen
  • Portrait orientation
  • Menu board option

This wall mount is not only the perfect mount for single display installations. Together with specific connectors, this wall mount includes a variety of features to make multi display installations fast and easy. The ideal solution for quick serve restaunts and for airport flight information boards. In addition optional video conference accessories make it the perfect choice for any kind of meeting room situation.

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