Update your Image

Any surface is an opportunity

It’s time to smarten up and get back to business! Update your outdated display solutions and release the potential of new spaces.

How you are perceived by your customers, visitors and employees plays a vital role in business success – isn’t it time to smarten your appearance? We’re here to help.

The possibilities are limitless

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How might new visual technologies enhance your business?
  • What are your options, which technology is right for you?

What to consider

Find the perfect-fit Digital Wall Technology for your application. Our consultancy-led approach will guide you through the many considerations and different parameters.


Select the best-fit technology

Only Sharp/NEC can offer ALL the major display technologies. Our advice and recommendation is therefore unbiased to any particular technology and based entirely on customer need.


Ideal application scenarios

All sectors, every application, any size - we have the perfect-fit technology.

Meeting Rooms


Best Fit
Large LCD V Series 98″ | Sharp 120″

UHD/ 8K resolution
No inner bezels
Flexible connectivity
Accurate corporate colours
SpectraView engine



Best Fit
PA1004UL Projector

Scalable image size
Easy installation
No lamp nor filter change
Dust resistant
Object or floor mapping

Corporate Foyer


Best Fit
UN Series LCD Video Wall Display

0.88 mm image gaps
Colour accuracy
Low reflection



Best Fit
E/FE Series dvLED Bundles

High brightness
Deep contrasts
Fine pixel pitch
No reflections
Slim profile

Long life time
Highly serviceable
Prestige perception
Accurate brand Identity

Ideal solutions by environment

Technologies Applications
UpdateYourImage-Projector UpdateYourImage-VideoWall UpdateYourImage-LFD UpdateYourImage-LED
Installation Meetings/Retail/Lobbies
Shapes Retail/Lobbies
Scalability Retail/Lobbies
Colour Representation Meetings/Retail/Lobbies
Brightness Meetings/Retail/Lobbies
Contrast Meetings/Retail/Lobbies
Resolution Meetings
Connectivity Meetings
Lifetime Meetings/Retail/Lobbies


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