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The Munich University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design

Precise visualisation on a small budget

Digital media has long been part of the everyday work and instructional life at schools and universities. The use and availability of audiovisual equipment is even used as a criterion for today’s students choosing where they wish to study. Educational institutions are increasingly trying to address the growing demand for collaborative solutions to create a future-proof learning environment for students.


Can’t wait to ‘ISE’ you in Barcelona!

We know you have plenty to see at ISE, it’s one of its great benefits – all the leading vendors under one roof plus unlimited networking opportunities. With this in mind, we highlight why a visit to Sharp/NEC means time well spent.

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Integrated Systems Europe 2023

Jan 31, 2023 - Feb 3, 2023

Fira Barcelona, Spain, Hall 3 Booth E600
Rooted in our blended heritage, Sharp/NEC's commitment to long-life, high-quality, and sustainable display products will be clear to see at ISE where we invite you to experience ‘a lasting vision.’ Sharp/NEC will demonstrate the greater choice and wider expertise that comes from two leading brands under one umbrella, where trusted reliability and integrity are fundamental.
We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona! Register and take advantage of our free entry code: GRVSZTQM

Press Releases

Sharp/NEC enhances the Giometti cinema experience with NEC 4K laser projection

Giometti’s 14-plex in Prato is the first Italian multiplex to fully upgrade to 4K laser


Max your screen size for the best Front Row experience

The speed of innovation in hybrid VC platforms is rapid to say the least! The pace of change will undoubtedly continue, but one thing we can all agree on is the screen size – go big, as big as you can.

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