Global standards: supporting your hybrid workforce with a consistent user experience.

As businesses invest in the technology which will support their workforce in the new hybrid landscape, adopting global standards becomes a near imperative for a seamless integration experience.

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iAF21 (Intelligent Audio Visual)

29 juil. 2021 - 29 juil. 2021

Online Event from 10:00 - 18:30 BST
Sharp/NEC will take part in this online event of the AV Cultural Forum brought to you live from Shure UK's Rose Centre. The event is targeting at frontline members in the museum, cultural and attraction world and Graham Kirkpatrick and Simon Hayes from Sharp/NEC will let you in on some key topics between 14:00 and 15:00 GMT.

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ARTE Journal

Au cœur de l’actualité sur Arte

La chaîne publique culturelle et européenne ARTE a pour mission de rapprocher les Européens et est financée par la contribution à l’audiovisuel en France et en Allemagne. Le nouveau décor du studio d’Arte Journal et Arte Journal Junior à Strasbourg, finalisé cette année, intègre maintenant trois nouveaux murs d’images Sharp/NEC.


Green Screen: how Sharp/NEC is helping its cinema partners to meet their sustainability goals.

Living your best life goes hand in hand with prioritising your mental wellbeing. For many, a regular visit to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster or to hang out with friends is a major highlight in their social calendar - it makes people happy!

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Multimedia exhibition at the V.I. Vernadsky State Geological Museum of the RAS

In order to make a museum visit engaging and interesting for a greater number of people, contemporary exhibitions and displays have been making ever more use of digital technologies. Descriptions of exhibits are becoming more interactive and engaging thanks to the introduction of big screens and display panels, projections, and other audio-visual solutions. Russian museums and exhibitions, too, are keeping abreast of global trends.


NEC WD551 - Connecting Teams - Discover the NEC WD551 for Your Hybrid Workforce

With Microsoft Certification, collaborate in the confidence that your workspace is optimised for productivity in a hybrid world. Bringing your teams together, whether in-office or remote, the WD551 delivers a frictionless experience with best in class audio visual quality. A single, secure USB-C cable connects your device to the WD551 for instant meetings using your familiar tools, whilst built-in sensor technology supports smart meeting space management.

Nouveautés produit

The BirdDog SDM

Super charge the NEC MESSAGE line-up with NDI® & Dante®