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zgoll: Presents the Inspired Hybrid Office

Inspired Hybrid Office is the guiding vision of zgoll: GmbH, specialist supplier of equipment and services for hybrid workplace environments in conference rooms. zgoll: provides a holistic service encompassing spaces, furniture, and technology, offering advice, design, and integration.

The company seeks out the latest technologies to ensure its customers can take full advantage of their hybrid working practices. Installation of the 21:9 LED Panoramic View solution from Sharp/NEC into its new Inspired Hybrid Office means zgoll: can demonstrate its commitment to making available the latest innovative solutions for hybrid working environments.

The Challenge

A modern meeting space in four months

To live the company motto of Inspired Collaboration, zgoll:, Sharp/NEC’s long-standing integration partner, has established Europe’s first test centre for high-quality video conferencing systems. The 1,000 m2 space in a 19th century farm building at zgoll:blecherhof allows customers, particularly at management level, to experience various technical solutions within realistic meeting environments.

Conference rooms at zgoll:blecherhof are refurbished at regular intervals to keep the pioneering experience location in line with the latest technological developments.

“During our annual discussion with Michael Zgoll, we considered whether our 104-inch LED Panoramic View solution would be a good fit for zgoll:,” says Markus Eisemann, Manager Channel Sales DACH at Sharp/NEC. “The aspect ratio is 21:9, which offers a wide field of view. This is particularly beneficial for video conferencing and presentations because more content is visible at the same time.”

The extra fine pixel pitch of the LED-FE009i2-104 Panoramic View solution presents detailed content and rich reality-like images on a single wide screen. With a brightness level of up to 600cd/m² and contrast ratio of 5000:1, the visual experience is outstanding even in well-lit meeting rooms. The display can be easily integrated into any environment, installed flush to the wall for a seamless appearance. Perfection in module alignment is critical for successful LED installations and the FE Series impresses with durability and reliability for long-lasting performance.

“Once the decision had been taken to select the Panoramic View LED wall, we decided to completely gut and refurbish the conference room and equip it with new technology as well as start-of-the-art furniture,” adds Michael Zgoll, Managing Director of zgoll: GmbH. “We wanted to have it ready for our big inauguration event, and everything needed to be completed within four months.”

The project benefited from excellent cooperation by all parties involved and we were able to complete in just a few months.
Michael Zgoll, Managing Director of zgoll: GmbH

NEC LED-FE009i2-104 0.9 mm Indoor LED UW-FHD Bundle

The Solution

An ultra-wide full HD screen for collaborative meeting experiences

Holzmedia, a specialist in premium media furniture, supplied a customised W9 media wall. Peter Möller, Managing Director of Holzmedia, enthusiastically explains: “In view of the fact that LED installations in a 21:9 format are not yet customary, we had to create a special wall for zgoll:blecherhof. This provides space for all the required technical components, including the video conferencing cameras. In addition, it provides a stable base for the LED wall and additional rear ventilation. A really exciting project!”



“As a result of the excellent cooperation with Holzmedia, we were able to start the project within the briefest of periods and Sharp/NEC supplied the LED wall to meet our deadline,” adds Michael Zgoll.

To furnish the conference room with the highest quality furniture, zgoll: decided in favour of a scale media table from Walter Knoll. The radial ‘floating’ veneer table offers the flexibility to support any design and media integration. Jan Sneperger, Head of Sales Contract at Walter Knoll, summarises the table’s features: “This customised table for the Panoramic View layout stands out for its aesthetic appearance for modern meeting rooms, whilst seamlessly and discreetly integrating all the required cable and control panel connections into the tabletop.” This successful combination of design and functionality is a perfect example of premium craftsmanship.

The space is refined by light and acoustic solutions from the Nimbus Group. “In this installation we use Holzmedia W9 LED spotlights to illuminate the participants,” explains Patrick Spano, Regional Sales Manager at Nimbus Group GmbH. “Similarly, we have attached special acoustic absorbers to the side wall, these are backlit to create an appealing atmosphere and further enhance the room.”


“We use the Nimbus products and solutions across all our video conferencing rooms,” adds Michael Zgoll. “The fact that we can operate them via a Cisco control panel is a real bonus. We believe Cisco is the most valuable, stable, and open video conferencing system available.”

“We can get the most out of the Microsoft Teams front row layout thanks to the Cisco Kit EQ and the QuadCam. However, there is also an option to flick a switch and immediately change to Webex World to present customers with an alternative platform and demonstrate the differences in quality and function.” say Antonia Diruf and Michael Eder from Cisco.


The Result

Immersive conferencing experiences

“The project benefited from excellent cooperation by all parties involved and we were able to complete in just a few months,” summarises Michael Zgoll. “The feedback at the inauguration was overwhelming. Our new conference room offers a first-class presentation platform, from the furniture design and state-of-the-art technology, to the best software solutions.

Thanks to the high-resolution panoramic display, meeting participants are presented in life size and the correct distance between them is maintained. This creates a realistic presentation and an immersive collaborative experience. In addition, the stable linking of the display with the seemingly moving table creates the impression that all participants are in the same room.

“At our event in May, we were also able to explain to our customers why all LEDs are not equal, and why cost differences are also clearly reflected in the visual quality. By comparing just two different LED modules from Sharp/NEC, we were able to demonstrate the differences even from a single manufacturer, which when multiplied across the many vendors in the marketplace shows the vast array of LED technologies out there. This was a real eye-opener for our customers and clearly brought home the importance of partnering with a trusted brand and choosing quality and reliability to secure your return on investment. In future we will not only use the new installation for showings and meetings, but also for our annual indoor cycling event, which we are really looking forward to!”

zgoll: GmbH’s latest development is the integration of a mixed reality floor at the Blecherhof location. Pioneering the use of VR within the office environment will show customers how they can further modernise the hybrid work experience.