Hospital-wide Display Solutions

Sharp/NEC has prepared to meet the demands of future Healthcare environments. Hospital-wide digitalisation is seeing all departments embrace the technology which will improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase patient and doctor confidence. In order to manage the challenges of digitalisation, Sharp/NEC offers high quality monitors across all departments within a hospital. From the reception desk with real-time hospital and health information through the corridors with digital wayfinding to the outside OR area and MDT rooms, where large format UHD screens help the surgical team and healthcare practitioners to collaborate for best patient outcomes. We help you changing your healthcare facilities towards high efficiency and smooth operation.


The Patient Journey – Patient Patients

Well known from the passenger traffic industry, the people flow is essential for efficiency and satisfaction of both, clients and staff. Sharp/NEC helps, together with strong software partners, to enhance the patient journey.

Hospitals are by nature not an enjoyable place to be. However, Sharp/NEC and our long established partner Artexe make an impact on the well-being in Waiting Halls and Emergency Rooms. With tight processes and smart signage, the face-2-face interaction for questions on waiting times between patients and nurses can be reduced tremendously. In this way, nurses receive the time to take care of their more important tasks: Caring for patients!

Every patient receives an anonymous number which is shown in queue management screens. In this way, privacy is guaranteed yet patients as well as relatives are always informed on the status. Also, the triage is done in a most efficient way and shown in the screens, which help people with light diseases understanding why they have to wait longer.

The future is now: Make your processes smooth and efficient to achieve satisfied customers and happy employees!


Telemedicine: Overcome the Distance

Telemedicine started in the 1960’s with radiologists working in Teleradiology. Evolving over the past two decades, all developments in information technologies, the digitalization and networking made big impacts. Connecting patients and doctors is driving the industry.

With demographical change and the rise of medical competence centres, providing clinical healthcare is very specialized and professional, but also offers more and more challenges. People live longer and their mobility is decreasing. They can’t use cars on their own and public transportation is challenging for them – especially when in medical need. With the NEC InfinityBoard – our all-in-one meeting room solution – and a decent healthcare partner network, Sharp/NEC meets the special requirements of the healthcare industry. Not only is the NEC InfinityBoard meant to be part of the MDT Room to enhance collaborative working and get remote participants on board, but also the Sharp/NEC solution enhances collaboration and consultancy with operating surgeons.

Read how this great collaboration solution is lifting efficiency in hospitals.


The Future around Operating Rooms

With the digitalisation of Operating Rooms, the work of surgeons and the whole team around becomes more and more efficient. Not only can surgeries inside the OR be supported by visualisation on Large Format Displays, but also video streaming makes an impact. Sharp/NEC, together with Kramer AV, supports the connection of OR’s to the outside world!

Live surgery and telestration are important, especially in teaching hospitals. While the surgeon operates, a head camera is live-streaming images to a bigger audience. In this way, many student surgeons can participate.


Case Studies


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