PA Series Laser Projectors


A new class of quiet laser projectors

Unique to Sharp/NEC, filter-free LCD technology means there is no need to change filters or replace bulbs. Already established as a world-class projector solution due to its low total cost of ownership and low-maintenance design, the PA Series can run up to 20,000 hours without requiring any outside service.

Combining vibrant 3LCD colour performance with a low total cost of ownership, the next generation of laser projectors, means that meeting rooms, classrooms, lecture halls and museums can now experience the benefits of a silent projector that displays striking imagery.


Long-life and zero maintenance

With the newly designed sealed optical engine, the LCD panels are protected against dust contamination for long-term picture stability and brilliant colour brightness.

What’s more, with no filter cleaning nor lamp replacement necessary, service costs are dramatically reduced for a low cost of ownership and up to 20,000 hours life-time.


All attention on the projection, not the projector

Now even larger venues benefit from Sharp/NEC’s innovation in super-silent laser projection! NEC’s patented sealed light engine incorporates our innovative fan design making it virtually silent in operation – no more distracting fan noise!

During meetings and lectures or even in museums and galleries where a calm atmosphere is appreciated, your audience will be oblivious except for the stunning projected imagery.

Find out more about how Sharp/NEC focuses on the entire user experience in bringing to market its range of silent projectors.


Brilliant white and vivid colour

Featuring unprecedented White Point performance, factory pre-calibrated for the perfect white, 12-bit colour signal processing and wide colour space with high dynamic contrast supporting HDR10 standard, the audience will experience extraordinarily vivid colour saturation and contrast levels.

Versatile installation capabilities

Fully compatible with previous generation lamp-based PA Series mechanical lenses, Sharp/NEC customers can easily make the transition to benefit from the latest laser technology.

Featuring advanced installation capabilities including free tilt and portrait, unique geometric adjustment, picture in picture, tiling, 3D support and camera-based blending/stacking up to 4K, the PA Series is rich with professional versatility.

Download the NEC ProAssist software to support perfect uniformity across multiple projectors to create a vast digital canvas.

Utilise NEC’s NaViSet Administrator 2 network-based control and asset management software to manage your entire digital estate, dramatically reducing administration effort and costs.

Read more about the Sharp/NEC laser projectors, technology background, application areas and see the whole portfolio on our Laser Microsite.

In this 4-pager you get an overview of all features and specifications of the super silent PA Series projectors:

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