Professional Projectors

With high brightness levels and professional features, this series delivers affordable large-screen projection performance. Enjoy peace of mind with future proof connectivity and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Deliver impressive high impact presentations, further enhanced by our super-silent laser models for no noise disturbance during meetings.

Projectors - Sharp NEC Display Solutions


Installation Projectors

For demanding professional setups, Sharp/NEC’s installation projector ranges provide 24/7 operation and impressive cost of ownership driven by a low maintenance filter-free design and long-lasting 20,000 h laser light technology, the latest interface technologies and highest installation flexibility. With premium class picture quality these projection solutions offer a compelling proposition.

Projectors - Sharp NEC Display Solutions


Digital Cinema Projectors

Deliver a blockbuster experience satisfying the highest expectations of today’s cinema-goers. A leading name in Digital Cinema projection, Sharp/NEC’s modular customizable solutions can be configured to suit whatever size and format of venue to maximize revenue generation. Breath-taking, pin sharp images with precise colour reproduction plus easy operation makes Sharp/NEC the ideal solution for theatres and art houses.

Digital Cinema Projectors - Sharp NEC Display Solutions