Professional Value LCD Laser Installation Projector

Type LCD
Brightness [AL] 8000
Resolution 1920 x 1200
Weight [kg] 11.1
Order Code 60005578 (W), 60005601 (B)

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Cost-effective LCD-based laser projector with interchangeable lenses

A highly economical projection solution, the PV800UL offers exceptional installation flexibility, low maintenance and long-life laser performance, yet remains impressively cost-efficient and conveniently compact.

3LCD technology generates brilliantly vivid colour, which, at 8000 Lm brightness, promotes an outstanding visual perception. A broad range of interchangeable lens options are available, alongside multiple professional adjustment features to ensure the perfect application-appropriate set-up.

The PV800UL offers the ideal upgrade path to transition to long-life, maintenance-free laser light source technology. Using the same mount and lenses as the lamp-based NEC PA Series projectors, operators can gain additional cost savings by utilising existing assets. For visualisation in large spaces, the PV800UL offers outstanding value for higher education, corporate, leisure and hospitality sectors.


  • No lamp replacement – up to 20,000 h maintenance free operation possible due to Laser Light Source.
  • Get Great Performance – while not compromising on quality and ease of use.
  • Low Noise Level – with 32dB, the silent technology will not disturb your meeting.
  • Impress with vivid colour & contrast – brilliant white and wide colour space with high dynamic contrast.

Awards and Test Reports

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2023 AV Views

The light output is actually far too high for our small test setup, but thanks to the flexibility of the human eye, we quickly get used to it and enjoy the range of colours displayed and the richness in detail. In all picture modes, all colours - both rich and pastel - are displayed clearly. [...] We measured 8100 lumens, which slightly exceeds the manufacturer's specifications. An outstanding result. (test report in German)

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