IP-distributed software that powers the most cutting-edge video walls and distributed visualization systems available today.

Realize the Power of Distributed Visualisation

Hiperwall is an innovative software- and IP-based solution to create reliable and flexible video wall solutions that can display data and video images from different sources at unequaled high resolutions. Smart Visualisation enabling informed decision making by creating an unlimited virtual canvas to enable generating unlimited dashboards – on the fly.

Bring together information from many sources and show large amounts of information in a single glance, improve image analysis, create more informed collaboration and decision-making across your organization and in conversation with your customers and enhance your audience’s experience

The Hiperwall Difference

Constant innovation ensures Hiperwall users benefit from the latest advancements to better support their current and future informed decision-making processes. Powering videowall and distributed visualisation systems with flexibility, scalability and user-centred simplicity, Hiperwall Ver7 introduces many compelling new enhancements.

With user experience always a priority, it is now even easier to move content and quickly maximize available screen space, not limited by display bezels, enhancing the simplicity of Hiperwall to create user-defined visual environments.

    • Flexible and fast content visualisation - add, move, resize and remove content via drag and drop regardless of the visual technology.
    • Next-level Hiperwall source management - enables more sources to be added and improved source management overall.
    • Modular and software-based architecture - receiving updates and new capabilities is seamless and the investment is protected.
    • Future-proof sccalability - it is easy to expand a Hiperwall-powered system by simply adding  components or change configuration at any time, no hardware limitation.
    • Highest availability and resilient to failures  -Hiperwall Fault Tolerance features ensure continous operation in mission-critical 24/7 environments.

Hiperwall Elements

Content Acquisition - HiperSource
IP streams enhancement enables existing hardware to manage real-time content from different sources and import image and video file playbacks.

    • Video grabbing - PC Desktops, Web Browser, Web Apps, Applications
    • IP Cameras
    • Video Streaming

Content Manipulation – HiperControl
used to manage the video wall and distribution systems. Various options are available to provide additional functionality to the system, like possible integration of into into video management systems or easy move of objects allowing users to quickly maximize available space on the wall canvas and minimize possible downtime by seamless redundancy

    • Scaling, Resizing, Cropping
    • Duplication
    • Movement
    • Automation, Scheduling
    • Signal Routing

Visualization - Hiperview
provides latency and state-of-.the-art synchronization across video walls, used to visualize content. Various licences and options available.

    • Device agnostic Large Format Displays, Direct View LEDs, Projectors
    • Unlimited canvas resolution and layouts
    • Unlimited display nodes

Awards and Test Reports

Award Logo
2015 rAVe Best of ISE 2015 Awards - Best New Video Wall

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