3D Solutions


3D in Education

3D is being pioneered in many schools around Europe and has quickly emerged as an ideal format for breakout sessions that replace traditional hands on sessions.

With 3D the viewer can grasp a subject as if they touch it and enjoy the process more with the ability to create and deliver a complete experience and not simply a dimensional view of the subject. For instance in Biology explaining the process of cell division with a 3D reenactment is so much more rewarding than paging through two dimensional text books and diagrams.

Stereoscopic 3D - The Benefits

Greater Reality

With easier visual understanding of an object’s dimensional characteristics, objects no longer appear a fixed distance away, but distances appear between them, with the viewer perceiving themselves as physically amongst the displayed content.

Greater Attention

3D is interesting and captivating, it is new and inspiring, and in particular Education audiences find the learning experience more inspirational, more enjoyable and therefore more memorable.

Greater Efficiency

In a similar time to conventional filming, 3D passes considerably more information to the viewer in a simple to grasp manner, it therefore effortlessly accelerates learning without making the experience more trying.

Increased Emotion

Whether it is interest, admiration, attraction, curiosity, or fear or awe, high quality 3D media powered by the latest 3D projection systems adds to the emotional experience to the extent that conventional viewing can seem comparatively unrewarding.

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