4K UHD V Series Displays

Boosting the viewing experience for digital signage

NEC is driving effective simplicity in digital signage with its super-sized V Series signage displays, up to 98 inch. Follow our five steps to creating convincing digital signage results which will reduce your operational efforts whilst making a persuasive impression on your audience.

4K UHD V Series Displays

A dream start

A dream start:

No matter which screen size you are choosing for the targetted application, all are easy to set up. Once connected to a perfect-fit wall mount option, the factory calibration ensures accurate and natural colour reproduction for convincing signage results, right from the start.


Show what you want to show:

The high UHD resolution plus advanced settings of all relevant visual parameters means CI colours are precisely maintained to display all the detail and beauty of advertised products.

24/7 certified operation

Run and run:

Our displays won’t let you down, they provide reliable operation over a long period. The meticulous selection of industrial-grade components supporting internal cooling and fire protection for public spaces meets demanding 24/7 usage scenarios maintaining a safe, impressive and continuous viewer experience.

stay ahead

Stay ahead:

Upgrade the power of your display at any time by seamlessly integrating one of NEC’s options for OPS Slot-in PCs and Raspberry Pi computing for content feed and analytics. Built-in SoC Players will not allow this adaption and will reduce the impact of your signage system by not keeping up with future performance requirements.

Keep control

Keep control:

Control all displays centrally via the advanced NaviSet Administrator 2 device management software to minimise downtime for maintenance and to reduce costs. Download our free Multi-Display Management Software now!

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