NaViSet Administrator 2

Network-based control and asset management software.



  • All-in-one remote support for desktop monitors, large format displays and projectors
  • Reduces administration effort and costs
  • Eases operation of larger amounts of displays drastically
  • Allows detailed analysis about devices used
  • Supports to do “Green IT” with proactive maintenace

Key Functions


  • Interactive display settings control by remote over LAN
  • Easy adjustment of display setting using the DDC/CI protocol
  • Advanced monitoring and logging

Task Management

  • Command tasks - change settings or perform operations on devices (i.e. power on/off, change input, audio mute, etc.)
  • Conditional tasks - check settings and/or parameters at periodic intervals, alerts can be set if values of settings are outside of specified ranges of values
  • Informational tasks - read settings or parameters and display the results in real time.

Database and Reports

  • Provide information about connected devices
  • Reports can be generated by compiling information from any connected device for asset management or monitoring usage (i.e. energy savings and usage)
  • Results from these reports is saved to the internal database or sent to the clipboard, en excel spreadsheet or a delimited text file
  • All reports can be managed in a library within the software

Advanced functions

  • Remote Windows computer control (restart, shutdown, wakeup)
  • Windows computer monitoring incl. slot-in PCs (internal temperatures, internal fan speeds)
  • Operating system (CPU usage, available memory)

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