4K Cinema Laser Projector

Type DLP
Supported Screen Size up to 19 meters (62 feet)
Resolution 4096 x 2160
Light Source Laser Phosphor
Components Projector Head NP-42HD (60005139),
Laser Light Source NP-18LU03 (100015658)
Laser Phosphor

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Greater flexibility with modular cinema projection solutions

Joining Sharp/NEC’s modular cinema projection solutions, the NC1843ML provides high flexibility and future-proof adaption. The modular concept allows for simple upgrade from 2K to 4K by changing only the projector head, or an increase in brightness by choosing from three different light modules (18K, 20K, 24K Lumen). In addition to the 2K projector head, the NC1843ML employs a 4K head and an 18K Lm laser module.

The NC1843ML is based on Laser Phosphor technology, generating exceptional image quality with very natural looking colours yet at a low operational cost. Laser Phosphor technology is almost entirely speckle-free allowing high gain screens to be used achieving higher brightness levels especially for 3D.

The Sharp/NEC modular solution is opening opportunities for leasing structures which greatly appeal to theatre operators to better manage their budgets. The innovative NC1843ML brings compelling benefits in lowering operating costs and increasing efficiencies whilst delivering exceptional viewing experiences in medium-sized venues.


  • Modular Light Source – achieve the light output which is perfectly adjusted to your requirements with exchangeable light modules 24,500lm, 20,000lm and 18,000lm for different brightness demands.
  • Optimise yor cost ownership – take advantage of new financing structures; lease your light engine and only pay for the light you use.
  • Virtually zero maintenance – no lamp and no filter replacement costs, no maintenance personnel costs and no lamp stock due to the innovative Laser Light engine.
  • Enjoy a Lower TCO – highest reliability, maintenance-free operation, low power consumption and up to 50000 hours life; the Laser light source results in a significantly lower total cost of ownership.
  • Sealed optical engine – minimising dust ingress, consistent performance is assured and no special maintenance is required.

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