4K Cinema RGB Laser Projector

Type DLP
Supported Screen Size up to 28 meters (91 feet)
Resolution 4096 x 2160
Light Source RGB Laser
Order Code 60004087
RGB Laser

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Projection Method 3-chip DMD reflection method
Screen Size [m] up to 28 in DCI colour (1.8 Gain screen)
Brightness 35000 Lumen by using one Laser Source modul
Contrast Ratio 2000:1 (full on/off)
Light Source Lamp free design; Laser Light Source, Expected Life: 30000 h 1
Lens Zoom / Focus / Shift: Motorized
Shift: Horizontal/Vertical Motorized
Other: Dowser (light shutter); Lens memory stores lens setting (shift/zoom/focus); Range of shift is dependent on lens
Primary Lenses: 1.13 to 1.66:1 zoom; 1.3 to 1.85:1 zoom; 1.44 to 2.16:1 zoom; 1.63 to 2.71:1 zoom; 1.95 to 3.26:1 zoom; 2.71 to 3.89:1 zoom
Light Source External Laser Light source connected by 5m fiber tube
DMD Specifications 4096 x 2160
Chip: 1.38" DLP
Tilt Angle [°]: 12
Cooling Method Liquid: Cooling inside, air cooling with dust-preventing electrostatic filter; Light source cooling by chiller
External Controls 1 x D-Sub 37 pin (GPIO); 1 x D-Sub 15-pin (3D); 1 x D-Sub 9 pin (RS-232); 1 x D-Sub 9-pin; 1 x Remote control connector; 1 x RJ45; 1 x USB port (TypeA)
Input Terminals 2 x DVI-D (optional); 3 x USB; 4 x 3GSDI (BNC) (optional)
External Controls 2 x RJ45 (4 GPI and 6 GPO); 2 x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
Input Terminals 1 x USB Type 2.0; 2 x 3GSDI bidirectional (input and output); 2 x USB Type 3.0; eSATA; HDMI
Output Terminals 2 x RJ45 (16-channel AES3-EBU Digital Audio)
Additional Features Integrated SMS; Integrated Storage: 2 TB (DCP, RAID5); NAS support
Operating Temperature [°C] 10 to 35; Recommended: 10 to 25
Operating Humidity [%] 10 to 85 - non-condensing
Storage Temperature [°C] -10 to 50
Power Supply Projector Power Supply Unit: 200 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, single phase
Power Consumption [W] Projector Power: 320
Laser Module Power: 4500 typ.
External Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] Projector Head: 666 x 364 x 737 (excluding lens)
Laser module: 804 x 777 x 652
Weight [kg] Projector Head: 51
Laser module: 150
Fan Noise [dB (A)] < 55
Special Characteristics Built-in IMS (NP90MS02-4K, optional); Flexible installation with separated laser source; High 4K resolution; Laser Light System; Low TCO; Up to 30000 h expected life time without lamp exchange; Wide laser colour space
Ecological Materials Eliminate waste and landfill implications associated with 35mm media; Laser technology reduces power usage and reduces replacement materials required
Europe EN55022 1998, Class A; EN55024; EN55024 1998; EN55032 Class A (Marking TUV,CE); EN60950-1; EN61000-3-2; EN61000-3-2/-3-3; EN61000-3-3; IEC60950-1; IEC60950-1 / EN55022 Class A (Marking EAC)
Warranty 2 years, parts warranty
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] 377 x 592 x 976
Weight [kg] 67
Power Requirements 200-230 V, single phase, 7 A at 230 V AC
Power Consumption [W] 1550 typ.
Noise Level [dB (A)] < 66
Optional Accessories 4K SIB input board option; Air filter
1 50% of initial brightness at the end of specified laser life time at 25 degree ambient temperature.
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