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Avanzia, Spain

AV specialist, Avanzia, installs the NEC dvLED 1.2mm fine pitch E Series, providing a high quality canvas to support hybrid meetings and presentations for corporate users at its hotel client’s premises.

Watch the video to find out why they choose to partner with Sharp/NEC.

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The Munich University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design

Precise visualisation on a small budget

Digital media has long been part of the everyday work and instructional life at schools and universities. The use and availability of audiovisual equipment is even used as a criterion for today’s students choosing where they wish to study. Educational institutions are increasingly trying to address the growing demand for collaborative solutions to create a future-proof learning environment for students.

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VKT Video Kommunikation GmbH

The future is now with LED technology

VKT Video Kommunikation GmbH is a long-standing Sharp/NEC integration partner specialising in media technology and high-speed cameras. Its business premises in Pfullingen (Baden-Württemberg) house an impressive showroom where customers can see the company’s innovative technologies for themselves.

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Northumbria University

Long-term trusted partnership

Reduced costs and consistent reliability are just some of the benefits Northumbria University has achieved by partnering with Sharp/NEC for all its cross-campus visual technology requirements.

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Origo, Iceland

Sharp/NEC’s Icelandic integration partner, Origo, chooses the NEC dvLED E Series for its flagship showroom in Reykjavik.

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RTBF Studio 4

Adaptable video wall studio backdrop

Forming a highly visible backdrop in Studio 4, public broadcaster RTBF chose video wall technology from Sharp/NEC to present the highest image quality and deliver the best possible viewer experience for the audience at home.

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Manchester Metropolitan University

Creative collaboration hub for the arts and humanities

Home to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, a new building in the heart of Manchester supports a growing need for training in the expanding regional creative and media industries. Manchester Metropolitan University is fully equipped with high quality facilities for editing and broadcasting, exclusively using large format displays from Sharp/NEC, installed by Roche AV.

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AZS Wrocław Academic Sports Association

Visual technology for any size of meeting space

Multiple meeting rooms and conferencing spaces are equipped with NEC large format displays and projectors to provide business startups with the environment they need to flourish.

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Ulster Museum

Robust and reliable PCAP touch technology

High performance PCAP touch sensors provide the highest level of touch accuracy ensuring visitors to Ulster Museum enjoy the best possible interactive experience when using the NEC touch table. Meanwhile, the damage-resistant surface is easy to clean and extremely robust against heavy usage.

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Аэропорт Гамбурга

Комплексное решение с использованием цифровых панелей с активной противопожарной защитой

Аэропорт Гамбурга является старейшим аэропортом в Германии, а также одним из самых крупных. Это важнейший транспортно-пересадочный узел на севере Германии. Ежегодно он принимает около 17 миллионов пассажиров и обрабатывает около 22 000 тонн грузов. Как и в других ключевых объектах инфраструктуры, в аэропорту действуют строгие требования по охране здоровья и безопасности. В аэропорту должны использоваться самые современные технологии, особенно когда дело касается пожарной безопасности, — и решения с использованием цифровых панелей не являются исключением.