Why Laser?

Reasons for a Laser Projector Light Source

Customer expectations are growing:

  • More brightness
  • Wider colour space
  • Higher contrast
  • Higher resolution
  • Larger images
  • Less energy consumption
  • Less maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly materials


Laser Technology

Laser offers many benefits:

  • Illumination source lifetimes of 20,000 hours or even more
  • Brightness up to 70,000 lumen
  • Lower brightness decline during life time
  • Better brightness uniformity
  • Generally maintenance free, as no lamp replacement necessary
  • High reliability
  • High contrast
  • Wide colour gamut
  • Low energy consumption and low thermal emission
  • Instant on/off capability, flexible brightness adjustment (20-100%)
  • Mercury free

There are numerous benefits with a laser light source, but the bottom line is that they more closely address the needs of the market.