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About us

Sharp/NEC’s LED Solutions Centre is regarded as one of the leading providers of display systems in the field of video and information systems, as well as architecture. The LED Solutions Centre stands for innovative technology and high-quality products, developed directly and built according to customer requirements and the latest technical standards.

Since November 2020, Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH – LED Solutions Centre is the new company name of the former S[quadrat] GmbH. Since its foundation in 2006, it has successfully realised hundreds of LED display projects around the globe. Now we distinguish ourselves by our service and knowledge, and the quality and reliability of our display solutions.

We offer our customers a “one-stop-shop” solution, from the planning and approval stage to the production and installation phase, alongside regular servicing over the course of several years. Customers can also select individual services as and when they require them. Our flexibility is your advantage. Worldwide.

The scope of our services – “The Integration Principle”

We only want the best for our customers. For us, that is a matter of principle. As a result, we ensure that our employees are highly experienced and that our partners are competent experts in their respective fields. Together, this enables us to complete our projects on time and with outstanding precision.

From the LED Solutions Centre you will receive all the services you need to achieve a successful outcome, from a single source:

Our consulting team develops and advises, our design & build team produces, and our turnkey solutions team installs. Be assured, however, that all our departments work in harmony to fulfill the perfect solution for our customers. The tasks taken on by the different teams integrate optimally with one another, ensuring the high quality we are known for. Viewed individually, we provide the following services:

  • Product development
  • Conceptual design
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Quality assurance
  • Integration
  • Mounting
  • Soft- and hardware training
  • Maintenance and service

Business areas – What we can do for you

  • We install customised video installations according to your personal specifications and requirements, taking into account the local conditions on the ground.
  • We advise architects, construction companies, advertising agencies, city authorities and cultural institutes on the integration of displays into buildings, facades, stadiums and arenas, as well as on technical equipment for interiors.

Complex solutions

We build, develop, design, install and put display systems and projects into effect for corporate, advertising, retail, creative and sports market segments.

As well as supplying standard products, we offer a wide range of customised solutions designed specifically for your project. Our display modules are variable in their model, size, colour and housing according to your needs. The same applies to the frames and the entire environment within which the display will be integrated. We are pleased to realise your ideas.

Our product range includes indoor and outdoor display systems with SMD, IMD, COB or DIP LED configuration, perimeter, fascia, cube, flexible and stripe systems. Alongside this, we supply our own range of self-developed control components.


A lot has happened since S[quadrat] was founded. Development and progress have shaped our path. Get to know the key milestones of S[quadrat].

October 2023
Highest security and failsafe reliability
Several control rooms for the energy, oil and telecommunication sectors as well as for police and military facilities in France, the USA, Saudia Arabia and Egypt are equipped with Sharp/NEC high-secure LED display systems.
April 2023
New product series
The new FC Series with COB LED technology becomes available.
July 2022
3D LED display
94 m² LED display surface for double-sided 3D applications in 360°
February 2022
Erste Bank Campus, Vienna
29 m² fine pitch LED display with rigging equipment for Erste Bank Campus in Vienna
October 2021
Sports bar Spokane
15 m long, waved LED installation for a sports bar in Spokane, USA
March 2021
Kia Metropol Arena
4-sided LED video cube and an LED-scoreboard incl. SX[SNMP] and SX[On/Off] for Kia Metropol Arena, Nuremberg’s new multifunction arena
Early 2021
Curved LED displays for control rooms
Realisation of a 30 m long, curved LED display and three further curved LED displays for control rooms with a total screen surface of 263 m².
November 2020
Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH – LED Solutions Centre
Joint venture between Sharp and NEC. We change our name to Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH – LED Solutions Centre.
September 2020
DB pedestrian tunnel, Hamburg
Installation of two LED displays in the pedestrian tunnel of Deutsche Bahn in Hamburg
September 2020
Philharmonic Hall Paris
Modification of two existing displays to 10 mm pixel pitch.
August 2020
NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH – LED Solutions Centre
We are now entirely part of NEC and operate under the name NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH – LED Solutions Centre. S[quadrat] continues to exist as a brand.
October 2019
In the “Lazy River” at Europa-Park in Rust, we install displays with 48V technology and nano sealing.
Mid 2019
New display series
Introduction of our new FA and FE series displays and bundles.
April 2019
Displays for Adidas
Several custom-made products for the Adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach.
February 2019
MVV Mannheim
2 x 150.5 m² S[quadrat] SIC [16/16 SMD] NT for MVV Energie AG in Mannheim.
January 2019
Stockholm Arlanda Airport
EMC Class B displays for Stockholm Arlanda Airport.
Early 2018
An NEC Company
We become part of the NEC brand family. A big and significant step.
Early 2018
New building
We open another building next to our headquarters in Schwanstetten near Nuremberg.
December 2017
EMC Class B
Our latest development: the EMC Class B Display SI [3.9 SMD] NT V4 is ready and certified.
September 2017
New display series
S[quadrat] introduces new product series: transparent SIC series, Slim series and Poster series.
August 2017
Displays for the TUI Arena
S[quadrat] installs 4 x 28 m² Ocean SI [4.8 SMD] NT Blackface LED video cubes and a 180 m long SI [6 SMD] NT Blackface LED video band in the TUI Arena Hannover.
February 2017
Latest LED strip generation
We introduce the latest generation of outdoor LED strips: Power Stripes SOC[40 RGB] NT V4, developed and produced in Germany and equipped with NICHIA LEDs.
September 2016
Large display for Dodenhof
S[quadrat] integrates 90 m² LED display into the facade of the Dodenhof shopping centre near Bremen.
September 2016
Display at the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall
A custom-made LED billboard at the entrance of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg with duraflon-coated special masks.
June/July 2016
Our displays at the European Championship
European Football Championship in France with stadium displays from S[quadrat] in the Vélodrome Marseille and Allianz Riviera Nice stadiums.
Mai 2016
Display at Fraport
A 434 m long media band at the new Fraport Terminal in Frankfurt.
January 2016
Cooperation mit NEC
First cooperation with NEC Display Solutions Europe.
December 2015
New record
The AdverTower near Linkenbach realised by S[quadrat] holds the record for the largest LED advertising tower in Europe with 2 x 173 m² LED video walls.
December 2015
Uniqlo Stores
In total 7 Uniqlo stores in Europe will be equipped with our LED video displays. Total area: 120 m².
August 2015
Outdoor display on Kurfuerstendamm
S[quadrat] installs a 100 m² SO[10 SMD] NT V4 outdoor LED video display at the Berlin “Ku’damm-Eck”.
Mai 2015
Basket displays in Bamberg
Innovation S[quadrat] SI[4 SMD] NT Light LED basket displays are put into operation at the first German basketball club, Brose Baskets Bamberg.
March 2015
Display in the Fritz-Walter-Stadion
Fritz-Walter-Stadion Kaiserslautern: S[quadrat] installation of high-resolution, 42 m² SO[10 SMD] NT Light video display.
July 2014
Displays for the 1. FC Cologne
The RheinEnergie Stadium Cologne receives two 66 m² high resolution SO[10 SMD] NT Light video displays for the 1st FC Cologne.
July 2014
Largest LED indoor video installation in Europe
SAP Arena Mannheim: S[quadrat] installs the largest LED indoor video installation in Europe with more than 600 m² LED surface with Nichia LEDs.
August 2013
High-resolution video cube
High-resolution LED video cube and LED ring in the PostFinance Arena Bern
June 2013
LED media installation
LED media installation behind “MIRONA® High Reflective GREY one side coated” glass in the new Mercedes-Benz sales office in Berlin.
September 2012
LED video cube
The Swiss Ice Hockey League gets another LED video cube with the Arena Langnau.
August 2012
A 176 m long perimeter
We install a 176 m perimeter in the Grande Stade du HAC in Le Havre.
May 2012
Two stadium displays
S[quadrat] installs 2 stadium displays at the Grande Stade du HAC in Le Havre.
March 2012
Single LED Dots
S[quadrat] installs newly developed Outdoor Single LED Dots on the facade of the Atoll shopping centre.
December 2011
Rental displays in the inventory of Screen Rent
December 2011
Cooperation with Screen Rent
November 2011
Display for Italian Football
S[quadrat] baut das Perimeter-Display für das neue Stadion von Juventus Turin.
October 2011
Largest video display of the 2nd Bundesliga
S[quadrat] builds the largest video display in the 2nd German Bundesliga for KSC in Karlsruhe.
July 2011
Largest video cube in Europe
S[quadrat] builds the largest video cube in Europe in the National Stadium in Bucharest.
April 2011
Cooperation with Panasonic
We could win Panasonic as a partner.
October 2010
Winter Asian Games
Installation of two S[quadrat] SO[10/20] displays for the 2011 Winter Asian Games in Kazakhstan.
September 2010
Amorphous LED ceiling displays
Development of special amorphous LED ceiling displays for the media production of the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist.
September 2010
„Class B“
LGA Nuremberg / TÜV certifies the latest S[quadrat] SO [10/20] NT product “Class B” in the EMC test.
March 2010
The Telekom Bridge
Installation of LED video strips on the Telekom Bridge, Bonn.
February 2010
Our first ISE
At ISE 2010 in Amsterdam we present our latest products.
May 2009
Cooperation with Sony
We could win Sony as a partner.
April 2009
The first video cube
Production of a video cube for the Ice Hockey World Championship in Switzerland.
April 2009
The move
Move to our own building in Schwanstetten.
December 2008
The trademark
S[quadrat] is registered as a trademark.
October 2008
Europe's largest fascia display
We integrate Europe’s largest Fascia display S[quadrat] SIC[40 SMD].
June 2008
The first stadium display
We realise our first stadium display S[quadrat] SO[10/20].
February 2006
The founding
S[quadrat] is founded by Mark Siedentopf and Andreas Brockschmidt. The company has two employees.
Prior to this, from 2000 to 2005, they started with the Design & Build office, which planned and produced large advertising displays and lighting systems.


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