Whether its video cubes in stadiums, digital signage in office buildings, information displays at airports or window displays in retail stores: we find the right solution. Our displays are modular in design and can therefore be flexibly adapted to your requirements. Get to know our display systems.


Do you feel your product deserves more attention? Do you want to boost its profile? Then put it on a big screen. After all, that's where starlets become superstars. Give your advertising the scale it deserves!

  • Outdoor Advertising Displays

    Get your product seen. Our Outdoor Advertising Displays present targeted content to a wide audience. No matter whether static or dynamic content, Outdoor Advertising Displays at highly frequented places guarantee a high degree of attention.

  • Indoor Advertising Displays

    Make an impact. Our Indoor Advertising Displays grab the attention of everyone who enters the building, driving awareness to your brand. At any time of day or night you can show target group specific content and achieve the greatest possible advertising benefit.



You want to present your company in an impressive way? You want to show both your employees and your customers that you believe in what you do? With our stunning corporate LED solutions you will present the brightness credentials.

  • Public Information Displays

    Public Information Displays sweeten the wait – whether at the bus stop, the train station, or the airport. Providing entertainment in public places, Public Information Displays deliver a positive experience for viewers. From a practical point of view, they also ensure that viewers quickly receive information relevant to them.

  • Digital Direction Systems

    Direct your audience with wayfinding messaging using eye-catchingly shaped signposts delivering relevant information in a dynamic and colourful way.

  • Entrance Areas

    Let visitors know what’s waiting for them. A screen in your entrance area welcomes visitors with the information they need such as wayfinding and welcoming guidance. Or it simply serves to entertain guests. In any case, it ensures that visitors feel they are being well taken care of.

  • Conference and Meeting Rooms

    Get the attention of your clients and employees the moment they set foot in your conference room with indoor LED solutions in a size and shape to fulfill your needs including extra-wide panoramic video conferencing for hybrid workflows. Fascinate them with a presentation in High Definition and brilliant colours, to make a lasting impression.



Let there be light. Nowadays, light designers and architects are conceiving some truly incredible creations in public spaces. Boring, grey buildings are transformed into glowing sculptures. But is it all just a facade? Far from it! Interior spaces also receive their fair share of special features.

  • Media Facades

    Our Media Facades give a touch of glamour, turning a simple building into a beacon in the urban landscape. Boring office buildings are transformed into works of art, dreary tower blocks into gigantic advertising columns, and monotonous purpose-built edifices into popular postcard scenes. Media Facades transform not only the attractiveness of buildings, but also their popularity, turning them into icons.

  • Amorphous Displays

    Amorphous Displays enable unlimited creativity. They make it possible to realise curved and round shapes in LED installations. They deliver panache and exclusivity wherever a square display simply isn’t enough.

  • Semi-transparent Displays

    Semi-transparent Displays allow you to see through to the other side. They are ideal for effectively dividing a room, becoming living walls with a constantly changing surface to captivate audiences. By allowing the viewer to see beyond the display the venue achieves a greater sense of space.

  • Media Installations

    Truly bringing art to life, Media Installations add the finishing touch to architectural gems putting the icing on the cake for modern works of art. Embedded into buildings, they breathe life into otherwise static constructions.



Critical infrastructure and sensitive application areas demand the highest security and failsafe reliability. For emergency services, defence operations, transportation and utility sectors, our class-leading products bring confidence and peace of mind.

  • Aviation & Transportation

    Sharp/NEC’s aluminium housing is both fire-retardant and effective in blocking electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, whilst redundant components ensure failsafe reliability. From monitoring road and rail networks to air traffic control, and safeguarding against potential threats, there can be no compromise to public safety and security.

    For busy public spaces such as transport terminals, it is vital to limit electromagnetic interference which can compromise wireless and mobile data connections and, crucially, air traffic control operations. The B Series is fully compliant to EMC Class B causing no interference for screen sizes up to 40 m².

  • Command & Control / Surveillance

    Fine pitch LED modules configure large digital surfaces in ultra-high definition enabling multiple people to visualise information in the greatest detail and clarity. Instant situational awareness is paramount in facilitating informed decisions in the shortest possible time, demanding seamless access to unlimited and varied data sources.

    Partnering with Hiperwall network-based videowall control systems, a control room solution from Sharp/NEC offers unlimited flexibility. Purpose-designed to deliver comprehensive system redundancy and resilience against failure, Sharp/NEC and Hiperwall are trusted to safeguard data security and business continuity in uncompromising 24/7 environments.



Grasp the attention of passers-by, entice them in to your shop, mall or flagship store. In an environment where digital noise is at its highest, make your brand stand out from the crowd with high impact outdoor signage. Once inside, inspirational content targets shoppers with relevant messaging to achieve sales uplift and maximise return on investment.

  • LED Walls & Window Displays

    A digital screen’s power of attraction is phenomenal. Equip your salesrooms with our displays and impress your customers. Inspire them with advertising mirroring the messages they see on TV and online, but now in life-size, proven to increase the level of spontaneous purchase.

  • Stair & Ticker Displays

    Deliver a continuous stream of messaging allowing a lot of information to be given in a small space. Or play creative format videos encouraging shoppers to linger longer or entice them to other floors. Bring branding to life in interesting ways and make use of, and monetise, otherwise unusable space.

  • Sales Counters

    Bars and counters equipped with integrated LED displays are genuine eye catchers, drawing attention and creating an entertainment zone right in the middle of your shop floor. Ideal for point-of-sale promotions.

  • Steles and Pillars

    LED steles and pillars are lighthouses for your customers providing orientation around your salesfloor. We offer LED steles and pillars in various sizes and resolutions.



It doesn’t matter if it's a marriage proposal in front of millions or a buzzer-beating goal to win the match, stadium displays deliver more than just sharp images – they convey emotion. With this in mind, we’d like to present a selection of our top “emotion amplifiers”.

  • Center Hung Cubes

    The central focal point for important and entertaining information in stadium or arena, the Center Hung Cube is positioned directly above the field and allows spectators to view replays, slow-motion sequences and the scores without taking their attention away from the action. A quick look up allows viewers to stay up to date, while the playing field remains in their peripheral vision.

  • Scoreboards

    Whether it’s the team line-up, the current score, or the remaining playing time, Scoreboards provide the spectator with a wealth of information covering all aspects of the game. Missed what the announcer said under the fans’ chants? No problem, it’s right there on the scoreboard – clearly legible and displayed in colour.

  • Fascias

    The news ticker below the displays keeps the crowd up to date in the truest sense of the word. On one fascia, information can be displayed as if on a moving band for everyone in the stadium or arena to see. The motion effect really catches spectators’ attention, and they can also displays pictures and animations.

  • Perimeters

    Providing variation within the perimeter advertising, these displays offer a source of revenue and can be instantly updated for each event. A Perimeter opens a completely new dimension for advertising, including the possibility of using animation and video to inspire spectators.



    Cost-effective and safe for use in public spaces with metal chassis and, if required, EMC Class B certified.


    First range components combined with built-in data and power redundancy to ensure a reliable display system and best image result.


    With specialist expertise in all sectors, we understand your unique needs and how people engage with you.


    The perfect-fit solution for your project, either as a pre-configured bundle or customised with variable modules according to your needs.


    Guaranteed performance for the entire lifecycle, tailored global service level options, expandable warranties and value-added service options.


    Longer lifecycles and lower energy use reduce waste and harmful emissions.

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