Adidas HQ, Herzogenaurach

Inspiring visual experience

Client Information: adidas AG, Herzogenaurach, Germany

The screens in adidas' headquarters were intended to create a wow effect without the focus being entirely on them. The complexity of the planning resulted from many different points. A project with impressive results.


The first challenge was the angle of the wall at the stage. The wall had a strong angle where adidas wanted a straight screen. Also, the screen with the required size was quite heavy. adidas wanted to have all components of the AV technology installed in the substructure, which had to be taken into account in the planning. In order to fulfil the company’s wishes, the components involved were discussed for a long time and intensively. The second solution that had to be implemented was the entry screen. The challenge was to reach just the right angle with the substructure to get around the curve cleanly without compromising image quality or other limitations. In addition, the wall paneling was already in place, and in order to plan exactly where the wall brackets had to be mounted, it was necessary to work very carefully to ensure that there were no difficulties in the process.


In keeping with its motto “Creating the New”, adidas sought a partner that would deliver easy-to-use technology with impressive quality and provide an inspiring visual experience for customers – all with a view to achieve the company’s vision to create an exceptional headquarters. NEC Display Solutions’ products and services met all the requirements. After long deliberations, the curved screen was planned as an LCD wall and only the small area and the curve were to be made of LEDs. NEC and S[quadrat] also offered a pure LED variant as an alternative. Following joint planning discussions, demo displays were installed in the demo area. adidas then decided for the LCD / LED solution. S[quadrat] and NEC then developed various pitch offers to give customers a feel for the volume. During the preparation phase for the entrance screen, the request for the stage screen also came up. adidas wanted both screens to consist of the same LEDs in order to achieve an overall image. We installed a curved LED wall with a total screen surface of 74.5 m² in the entrance area. The 28 m long display, is fixed on taylor-made sub-structures and embedded in customised frame constructions. Then we installed a 36 m² LED display on the stage.