Dodenhof Posthausen

Enormously bright LED advertising display

Client Information: dodenhof Posthausen KG, Posthausen (Bremen), Germany
Sector: Advertising

In this project, the display was integrated evenly into the new facade cladding. Our work therefore always had to go hand in hand with the progress of the construction.


The shopping center dodenhof in Posthausen near Bremen modernizes a building complex and plans the integration of an LED advertising display in the façade. In the future there shall be shown advertising videos and broadcasts of live events. To ensure an optimal performance the LED wall has to reach a sufficient resolution and also withstand changing light conditions as well as direct sunlight. What is more, it is essential for the façade integration that the LED wall can be maintained from the front.


In August and September 2016, always in coordination with the construction progress of the new façade, we realized a tailormade LED advertising screen. The 90 m² SO[10 SMD] NT V4 LED video display was integrated harmoniously into the new façade cladding. As requested, the LED modules are designed for front service. Hereby the total depth is only 16 cm including the steel construction.

The desired content will be displayed in a 16:9 ratio with a pixel pitch of 10 mm and a resolution of 1280 x 704 pixels. The LED wall reaches a brightness of up to 8,000 candelas per m². Individually designed light sensors and the accompanying S[quadrat] software SX[BrightnessControl] adjust the brightness automatically to the current light conditions. Another highlight of the screen monitoring is our SX[TempControl]. Especially for dodenhof it takes on two vital functions: the temperature monitoring and the fan control. Temperature sensors monitor the display modules and react as soon as the temperature is out of the defined normal range. In this case the software of the temperature monitoring system informs the control room immediately and switches off the LED display. In addition, the fans on top and underneath the screen are controlled by SX[TempControl]. This extends the lifespan of the LED display and guarantees continuous trouble-free operation.

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