Europa Park Rust

LED wall in water park with artistic results

Client Information: Europa-Park GmbH & Co Mack KG, Rust (Freiburg), Germany
Partner: multi-media systeme AG
Sector: Leisure

Our long-term partner multi-media systeme realized outstanding AV installations for the new Rulantica water park at Europa-Park Rust. As part of this large-scale project, we delivered a 16 m long LED wall to visually present the "Lazy River" in "Snorri's Saga": Next to the 250 m long flow channel, mermaids accompany the visitors.

We upgraded our S[quadrat] Ocean SO[6.25 SMD] NT to 48V technology and equipped the LEDs with a nano coating. The LED display is therefore corrosion-free. The integration into the artificial rock was carried out with a specially manufactured substructure. Customised diffuser plates in front of the display surface create the underwater effect.