Gropius Passagen Berlin

Digital signage in shopping centre

Client Information: Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH
Partner: Bütema AG
Sector: Retail

The two LED walls in the shop window and in the shopping centre itself, which we installed together with NEC, are real eye-catchers in the almost 8000 m² Karstadt store.


Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH opened at Gropius Passagen in Berlin its first digital branch at the end of October 2018. As a leading provider of InStore solutions for fashion and lifestyle products, Bütema AG was commissioned to equip the store with digital technologies. Seventeen NEC 23-inch displays are placed at product counters promoting special offers, as well as complementary articles at central points in the store.


The highlights in the digital equipped 7900 m² branch are the two LED walls in the shop window and in the shopping centre itself, which we have implemented together with NEC.

Karstadt has set high standards for the two video walls. Pedestrian and shopping centre visitors should be informed about current offers and promotions, the displays should have at least a brightness of 1000 cd/m² and a continuous image without individual monitors. Therefore, the decision was made to install a LED solution. S[quadrat]‘s SI NT Slim series with a pixel pitch of 4 mm offered the best choice. The 11 m² LED wall in the shopping centre has a resolution of 1120 x 640 pixels and a low weight of 172.8 kg.

The free-standing 16:9 LED wall in the shop window has a display surface of 11.5 sqm and weighs only 183.5 kg. 112 LED modules were installed there. Each one is only 33 mm deep. The exceptional challenges were the cramped space in the shop window and the fact that the shop window is located in a round arch.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation of all involved parties, the project could be implemented perfectly despite the short turnaround time and immense time pressure.

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