MVV, Mannheim

Transparent facade displays with wow effect

Client Information: MVV Energie AG, Mannheim, Germany
Sector: Energy

For MVV Energie AG in Mannheim, the quality and operability of both 150 m² facade displays were particularly important in this project; and our products met all requirements.


Each display at the MVV Mannheim had to be very light as the load capacity of the building could not be exceeded. In addition, due to the size of the displays, we also had to take into account its susceptibility to wind. As the screens were on the top floor, precise work was required. That’s why we chose our Stripe product, which fits our customer’s concept perfectly. Due to the transparency, however, we were faced with the next challenge, which had to be mastered first. The transparency meant that a large part of the contrast was lost. At the beginning, we thought about covering the facade with a black foil. However, this was not effective enough. S[quadrat] GmbH then developed a rear wall that increased the contrast but did not restrict the air permeability. The substructure had to be built very light in order to not exceed the total weight and to be able to mount the screen safely.


In keeping with its motto “Intelligent Energy For You”, MVV sought a partner that would deliver easy-to-use technology with impressive quality and provide an inspiring visual experience for customers – all with a view to achieve the company’s vision to create a wow effect. The products and services from NEC Display Solutions met all the requirements. After long deliberation on how to inspire MVV the most, our stripe product was installed. First MVV wanted to install the DIP Version 16 x 16 mm. During our presentation, the management decided for the 16 x 16 SMD (Multi-Color). When the number of batches reaches a certain level, the consistency of views between batches can be guaranteed. This variant has a better viewing angle both from the side and from below. The special thing about the screen is the substructure, which was attached to the parapet. We used flange plates suspended from the parapet and clamps to fix it at the facade. This ensured that the screen does not crumble when the building fluctuates.

The display at the central entrance and the one in the public area of MVV Energie AG in Mannheim immediately amazed everyone. It is impossible to overlook it, and that is exactly what we and MVV Energie AG wanted to achieve. The presence is very important in such an industry, to get people’s attention, to be able to stand out from the others. Not only does the display inspire employees and customers during the day, it can also inspire and attract attention at night.

Viewing Angle Analysis

By hanging the screen from the 32nd to the 36th floor, several LEDs were compared to each other to find the ideal solution for the customer. Through the viewing angle analysis, Multi-Color-LEDs were finally chosen as the best solution. The viewing angle analysis was carried out because the LED Display can be viewed from different angles.

EMC measurements after installation

EMC measurements are carried out to determine that an LED display emits the appropriate radiation. This is important so that no other radio signals are disturbed, such as those from an ambulance or the police. Our company is known for this EMC certification. Of course, this measurement was also carried out on the LED displays of MVV Energie AG. Here, both LED displays were measured on-site by a certified German EMC laboratory in accordance with standard EN 5022:2010. The EMC measurement of the two LED media facade displays was passed and at the end also certified with the “EMC Class A”.

Monitoring of all electrical components

For the continuous and trouble-free operation of large LED video displays, it is becoming increasingly important to monitor the operating states of all electrical components. The temperature values are recorded seamlessly via our own sensors. These values are displayed graphically in the user interface. The SX[TempControl] controller provides information about abnormal operating temperatures and disconnects the system from the power supply when critical temperatures are exceeded. Overheating of sensitive semiconductors and the associated risk of fire is thus completely eliminated.

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