SAP Arena

Europe’s most comprehensive LED display construction

Client Information: SAP Arena, Mannheim
Sector: Leisure & Entertainment

The SAP Arena in Mannheim is one of the most interesting indoor locations for sports and cultural events in Germany. We were there when it was modernized in 2014.


In preparation for their 10th anniversary in 2014, the managers of the SAP Arena in Mannheim planned a complete modernization of the multifunctional hall in order to be counted among the best arenas in the world in the future. We were proud and grateful for being commissioned with the renewal of the obsolete LED technology as well as the implementation of new display systems. For us, the biggest challenges of this project were the tight schedule, which due to the upcoming events did not allow any delay, and of course the complexity of the project, but above all the perfect planning of the many individual LED systems that had to be installed and coordinated at the same time.


Just in time for the start of the season in August 2014, the SAP Arena presented the result of the successfully completed renovation work that took place during the summer break: Together with the SAP Arena, S[quadrat] GmbH realized Europe’s most comprehensive LED construction consisting of an LED video cube and bottom ring with Nichia Black Face LEDs as well as a double-sided top ring and fascia board with Nichia LEDs. In the now larger video cube, the customer renounced the usual side panels to achieve a more open look. Despite the addition of a bottom ring, with a total weight of 13 t the new LED solution is even lighter than its predecessor thanks to our lightweight design. Probably the biggest sensation of this modernization is the double-sided, elliptical top ring. With the unique shape, our engineers have once again set new standards in LED display technology. The 265 m long fascia board above the lodge round completes the Gesamtkunstwerk. A total of 7,319,296 pixels now ensure optimum image quality at all levels in the SAP Arena. However, before our assembly team could start the realization of the modern LED systems, the existing LED video cube and the outdated fascia board had to be demounted completely and intact into their component parts. New, movable chain hoists now hold the new video cube and the underneath mounted LED ring. To fix the new elliptical LED ring at the roof construction we attached a total of 12 BGV-C1 chain hoists which are moveable up to 30 cm under the roof.

The new fascia board already captivates by its highly increased resolution due to the upgrade from 22 mm pixel pitch to only 10 mm. Additionally, its structural depth is now only 21 cm, maintenance can be done easily from above and an attractive aluminum cladding on top and below the display modules saves the fascia display from vandalism and splashing water.

Comprehensive protection for all LED displays and a continuous reliable operation can be achieved by S[quadrat]’s unique monitoring system SX[TempControl]. Temperature sensors monitor the display housings of the four LED systems and react as soon as the temperature is beyond the normal range that can be defined individually. The control room will be informed immediately, and the concerned LED system can be disconnected fully automatically.

An employee of the SAP Arena is specifically responsible for providing the LED systems with information. We delivered a complete content management solution to support him. The former hard- and software by Clickeffects was adjusted to the new systems and the higher resolutions. In addition, the scoring system SX[SportBox] enables to show all match information for the sports ice-hockey, handball, basketball (FIBA), tennis, boxing and more.

For this project we delivered cutting-edge technology which is and will be developed and EMC certified in Germany like all S[quadrat] solutions. This gives the customer the security of operating a high-quality, durable, stable and legally compliant product.

In addition to the LED systems in the event hall, we were also commissioned to medialize the VIP entrance area. We installed a seamless LCD wall (3 x 7, 21 K resolution) with NEC displays including control with a Picturall Octo Broadcast media server.

Overview of LED products and dimensions

  • S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT Light indoor LED video cube
    Size: 4 x (6.72 m x 5.04 m) = 135.44 m²
  • S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT Light ring underneath the video cube
    Size: 29.85 m x 0.72 m = 21.49 m²
  • S[quadrat] SI [10 SMD] NT Light two-sided, elliptical ring
    Inner size: 97.5 m x 0.64 m = 62.4 m²
    Outer size: 100.5 m x 0.64 m = 64.32 m²
  • S[quadrat] SI [10 SMD] NT Light fascia board
    Size: 265 m x 0.64 m = 169.6 m²
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