Retail & Signage Display Solutions

LCD Signage Solutions

Available in numerous screen sizes and offering many customisation and extended life options, LCD Large Format Displays provide robust and reliable signage, safe for use in public spaces. Wall mounted or integrated into shop fittings, with slim profile and minimum bezel, all focus is on the eye-catching content.

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Interactive Touch Displays

From single- to multi-touch, available in numerous screen sizes, touch displays enhance the shopping experience with engaging interactions using familiar touch control and precise finger response. The robust easy to clean surface deters reflections and fingerprints conveying clear and detailed content.

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Small Display Solutions

Small format displays from 17 inches in size have a narrow bezel and slim profile for unobtrusive integration into or onto shop fittings. Eco features minimise power consumption including a human sensor which triggers power-up to display content when someone is in close proximity.

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dvLED Modules & Bundles

A premium level solution with extended life-times, dvLED technology delivers content in vivid high brightness, adjustable according to the ambient environment, with deep contrasts and wide viewing angles. Modules are configured to achieve virtually any size and shape, even curved, creating a stunning, uniform surface perception.

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Laser Projection

For scalable, bezel-free images, laser projection is impressively cost-effective and requires minimal maintenance over its long lifetime. Highly versatile, it offers many advantages where flat screen technology is unsuitable, with unobtrusive mounting and no black screen when not in use.

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LCD Video Walls

Vital for multiple display configurations, a unique thermal management system plus metal cabinet design effectively dissipates the heat to ensure long-life consistent performance. Barely discernible image gaps and calibration capability achieve a homogenous surface perception.

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Computing Solutions

NEC’s Open Modular Intelligence (OMi) platform provides a smart and seamless connection between source and display to deliver powerful, tailored and future-proof digital signage. The integrated OPS, Intel®SDM or RaspberryPi options offer a customisable selection of computing power and signal distribution.

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Remote Network Management

An essential tool for large retail estates, NaViSet Administrator 2 software enables IT administrators to remotely manage their network of NEC displays and Windows PCs keeping maintenance costs low, minimising downtime and ensuring efficient use of resources.

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Using various sensor technologies, any digital display can be transformed into an engaging experience, with the ability to create unique interactive journeys. Future-proof retail display solutions using sensor technology deliver captivating experiences which entice customers off their sofas and onto the high street and mall.

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Signage Software

Together with our partners we are able to offer a huge variety of software solutions which can fulfill any form of application requirement. Find out more about the competences of our CMS Partners and how, in combination with our Displays and integrated MediaPlayer, we can deliver total retail signage solutions.

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