Real Service, Real People, Real Peace-of-mind

It’s a trusted formula. The reason why our customers choose to partner with us.

Quality + Service = Peace of Mind + Sustainability

The quality of our products and service offering is what sets us apart, it’s what makes Sharp/NEC unique in the marketplace. It’s the reason why we are the preferred brand for professional applications where reliable, long-life performance is paramount.

Miguel Vieira is Service Portfolio Manager at Sharp NEC Display Solutions. His passion for service embodies our company ethos, where prioritising the customer experience is central to everything that we do.

“We are passionate about service; we are passionate about providing good quality products and good quality service to our customers.”

Watch the video to get a sense of Miguel’s dedication and commitment to delivering Sharp/NEC’s high quality service operation.

A company that values service.

“You always have a person to connect to.”

At Sharp/NEC, our service offering is not just an afterthought, or the ‘small print’ associated with a quick sale. Our service department is managed by real people, offering real service.


When we sell a product, we are selling long-life, professional performance. Our service offering is designed to ensure our customers enjoy complete peace-of-mind over the entire lifecycle of their product, and beyond. Our customers know that their Sharp/NEC product will give a high-quality performance, and should something go wrong, or they need support, they can always reach a real person for assistance.

Our robust and transparent warranty offering is positioned to complement our products with a promise that they are ‘fit-for-purpose’ and specified according to the requirements of the intended application. You can read more about what our warranty promise means for our customers in our blog:

Let’s talk warranties . . . genuine peace of mind or flimsy marketing headline?


The serviceplus promise.

Sharp/NEC’s ‘serviceplus’ encompasses a range of warranty and added value service offerings. The serviceplus program means that Sharp/NEC is there by your side through the entire sales cycle, from pre-sales through to the replacement phase.

Supporting our multinational customers, our service program provides global support with tailored service level options to ensure our customers get the support they need, wherever they are.

With an unrivalled service partner network and support infrastructure, our serviceplus promise is unique in the marketplace, making Sharp/NEC standout against our competitors.

Learn more about serviceplus

Warranty extensions

Our warranty offerings are tailored to best match the demands of the application. In addition to our standard warranties, we offer a range of extended warranties, and sector-specific warranties for education and digital cinema.

Explore our extended warranty options

Value-added services

From de-/re-install to laser branding services, every carefully curated service offering is designed to address the genuine needs of our customers allowing them to focus on their business, confident that their visual estate is in safe hands. From installation and commissioning to ongoing operation, our value-added services offer perfectly tailored support, for the lifecycle, and beyond.

Explore our value-added service options

dvLED service options

As dvLED becomes increasing demanded, with compelling advantages for large surface visualisation, we have expanded our serviceplus program to accommodate the more complex nature of this versatile technology. With a remarkable lifecycle of up to 10 years and high serviceability supporting sustainability goals, our tailored service program means our customers can enjoy the absolute best performance from their investment over an extended period.

Why is an LED service programme not simply recommended, but fundamental for success?

Why Sharp/NEC?

Miguel sums it up in the video:

“Our customers buy our products because of our services, because they know they have high quality products, but also they have a good service team behind it providing the peace-of-mind that they need.”

Real service, real people, real peace-of-mind.