Hybrid working: we’ve been getting by, now, how do we thrive?

Whatever shape and form hybrid takes, getting people to communicate and collaborate is fundamental to helping business to flourish. Our whitepaper offers a practical guide to the new way of working.

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Green signage: durable & reliable technology is the mainstay of sustainability

Sharp/NEC has been awarded the Green Signage Award 2021 by Invidis Consulting. With green issues being the most trending topic in the industry, we are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable management.

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Technology face-off: LED vs LCD vs Laser Projection

Three of our Product Managers battle it out as they champion their technology.

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CONCRÉTISEZ VOTRE VISION : avec une taille, une forme, des fonctionnalités et un prix répondant à tous les besoins, vous n’aurez jamais à faire de compromis sur la qualité avec Sharp NEC.

À la différence des autres fabricants, nous n’avons aucune raison de promouvoir une technologie d’affichage plutôt qu’une autre. Projection, LCD et dvLED, chacune a ses avantages et ses inconvénients propres à l’application, et nous pouvons toutes les fournir.

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Choice & flexibility: we talk to Midwich about the technology challenges surrounding hybrid working.

It has been a utopia for many years - flexible working without the stigma – now for many, it’s a reality, but its not without its challenges. 

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Global standards: supporting your hybrid workforce with a consistent user experience.

As businesses invest in the technology which will support their workforce in the new hybrid landscape, adopting global standards becomes a near imperative for a seamless integration experience.

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Green Screen: how Sharp/NEC is helping its cinema partners to meet their sustainability goals.

Living your best life goes hand in hand with prioritising your mental wellbeing. For many, a regular visit to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster or to hang out with friends is a major highlight in their social calendar - it makes people happy!

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A simple, reliable AV solution for meeting rooms

Achieve a simple, reliable, low-cost solution that’s easy to use and instantly available, thanks to Sharp/NEC’s modular design and in-built functionality.

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Take action toward a sustainable future for the planet and for your business.

By putting sustainability at the heart of your business model, not only are you helping to preserve the planet for future generations, you are also helping to secure the future of your business.

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Human, not machine: as workflow patterns shift, how do we balance productivity with well-being?

The post-covid re-emergence is offering exciting opportunities to reimagine the world of work. With grateful thanks for insightful input during an interactive discussion hosted by AVIXA, we focus on the human-factor and the need for a compassionate working culture.

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