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Menu Board Projection


Ultra-Short Throw projectors offer a cost-effective way to present large-format menu boards. The super short projection distance avoids shadows and offers high flexibility in positioning and installation. The image can be projected on walls or other surfaces, even when they are unsuitable for screen mounting, helping to solve integration restrictions whilst offering wide scope to be more creative and inspiring in message delivery.

Projection solutions offer the same advantages over printed menu posters as LCD displays. Recent data from a customer survey carried out by Digital Signage Today presents compelling “reasons to go digital”.

Menu Boards: Reasons to go Digital *
67% Centralised Control of Menu Board Content
49.1% Low Cost Menu Change
47.2% Increased Customer Satisfaction
37.7% Increased Sales

Digital Signage Today Customer Survey.


Model Type Brightness [ANSI Lumen] Contrast Resolution Light Source Light Source Life [hrs] Weight [kg]
UM301W LCD 3000 AL 4000:0 1280 x 800 Lamp 8000 h 5.5 kg
UM301X LCD 3000 AL 6000:1 1024 x 768 Lamp 8000 h 5.5 kg
UM351W LCD 3500 AL 6000:1 1280 x 800 Lamp 6000 h 5.6 kg
UM361X LCD 3600 AL 6000:1 1024 x 768 Lamp 6000 h 5.6 kg