The show must go on


The most essential element in the cinema business model is to maximise the projectors’ chargeable operation and minimise downtime that can represent lost revenue and damage to a venue’s reputation. Therefore, cinemas need products to perform consistently throughout their life-cycle and service partners to react instantly in response to performance failures.

Operators benefit from the vast experience Sharp/NEC has gained in providing best in class equipment and effective support solutions. Industrial grade components are chosen to ensure highest durability even in demanding environments and local service hubs are selected to provide spares in fast turnaround times.

Understanding the high requirements from cinemas Sharp/NEC has developed a range of professional warranty conditions and warranty extensions with its partners. The experiences gained help Sharp/NEC to enjoy long and lasting partnerships with cinemas which can rely on professional support from the first contact and throughout the complete operational time. This is underwritten by a strong network of authorized service partners throughout EMEA.

We understand the need for highly skilled theatre room operators and provide technical training in order to secure the high level of work and skill-set in your cinemas.

We work with leading international integrators and Cinema chains that require international Cross Border Service and offer one single service point to support installations across Europe, Middle East, Africa and beyond.


Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions

The promise of quality across all product lines, our transparent warranties bring you additional peace of mind. For Large Format Displays, Projectors, dvLED solutions and Digital Cinema Projectors, follow this link for Terms & Conditions.
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24/7 Certified Operation

Sharp/NEC Desktop Displays and Large Format Display are designed to perform reliably over the long term. However, our desktop displays and large format displays are primarily designed for standard office use, and use a variety of technologies depending on actual application and user requirements.

3 Years Standard Warranty / Up To 5 Years Optional Warranty

Most Sharp/NEC Display Products are supplied with generous performance guarantees out of the box, however it is recognised that warranties need to match the expectations of the customers and therefore Sharp/NEC offers a wide range of warranties that can be added at the point of purchase or during the product’s standard lifecycle

Free 4-month Warranty Extension

At a time when the leisure industry is facing its greatest challenge, Sharp/NEC is offering a free 4-month extension to its existing Sharp/NEC projector warranty contracts throughout EMEA.
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Up to 10 Years Optional Warranty

For the Cinema sector Sharp/NEC even offers tailor-made warranty solutions of up to 10 years. Those warranties can be added at the point of purchase.