Abaco Cines installs NEC digital cinema projectors to all their screens

One of the most prominent Spanish cinema dedicated chains concluded an agreement with NEC Display Solutions

Barcelona, 20th June 2012

Abaco Cines, one of the most prominent Spanish cinema dedicated chains, has concluded an agreement for the deployment and installation of NEC digital cinema projectors to all their screens.

Abaco operates 284 screens located in 28 different cinemas covering most of Spain, and the deployment is being done in partnership with Proyecson and Ymagis, the European deployment entity leader in France, Spain, Germany and the Benelux.

This agreement reinforces Grupo Abaco’s commitment to digital cinema, and takes the Spanish cinema exhibition market another step towards full digitisation, under the distributors’ Virtual Print Fee (VPF) agreements managed by Ymagis.

Proyecson, the Valencia-based installation company with delegations in several Spanish cities , will be responsible for the installation of the NEC projectors throughout Grupo Abaco’s cinemas. Furthermore, the company has played a key role in securing the participation of NEC in this deployment.

Grupo Abaco's choice of partners in their cinemas’ digitisation process is the result of a long and careful process where not only the technical advantages of the selected systems were taken into account, but also the quality of the support systems they made available. In Ymagis, Grupo Abaco found the necessary flexibility and high level of technical expertise to ensure an optimization of the cinemas’ operation once fully digital.

Fernando Robredo, Grupo Abaco’s MD said: “In Ymagis we found the answers to our needs and a flexible approach that will allow us continue to control our cinemas’ programming and provide us with the tools that will ensure a smooth transition to digital. Partnering with Proyecson and manufacturer NEC ensures us the benefit from the latest technology and an extensive network of support.”

Mark Kendall, Business Development EMEA, Digital Cinema at NEC Display Solutions Europe said: "NEC recognises Abaco as one of the major cinema exhibitors in Spain, and together with the flexible VPF agreements offered by Ymagis and the expertise of integration provided by Proyecson, we are pleased to be part of this digitisation program. The Spanish cinema market has been slower to digitise than other European countries, and we hope to continue these partnerships for future successful development.”

Francisco Lafuente, Mananging Director at Proyecson said:

"With over 50 years of industry experience, and a highly involved team, as well as being the only company in Spain with its own R & D department, allows us to address major projects such as the digitization of Grupo ABACO, always following implementation parameters that satisfies the needs of the most demanding customers, both in terms of high quality installation, as well as after sales services and support.

Since the first digital installations made ​​in ABACO, in the early 2010, with NEC projectors NEC made available all the means that would allow this project to develop full scan. The collaboration with Ymagis, given the magnitude of the project, obtains more than satisfactory results that we are confident will be repeated with other customers.

Given the high degree of professionalism shown by all participants in finding creative solutions that enable viable business model, we believe it will set an example and model to consider for future operations.”

Manel Carreras, General Manager, Spain & Vice President Sales and Business Development at Ymagis, said: “Grupo Abaco’s and Proyecson’s determination to find solutions to digitize the Abaco cinemas combined with the support provided by NEC has allowed Ymagis to put together a VPF solution tailored to this important exhibitor’s needs. We are proud to have been selected by Grupo Abaco to digitize their cinemas with Ymagis. .

About NEC Display Solutions Europe
NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH has its European headquarters in Munich, Germany and is responsible for all business activities in EMEA, divided into the five sales regions Northern Europe, Central and Central East Europe, Western and South Europe/Mediterranean, Commonwealth of Independent States and Middle East/Africa. NEC Display Solutions benefits from the technological know-how and technologies of the NEC Corporation and, with its own Research and Development, is one of the world's leading manufacturers offering the widest product range of display solutions in the market. The display product portfolio ranges from entry-level to professional and speciality desktop LCDs, via large-size Public Displays for Digital and Retail Signage. The Projector range offers products for all needs, from portable devices via business projectors to products for permanent operation (such as PoS applications) and digital cinema projectors. Managing Director of the European head office is Bernd Eberhardt.Further information can be found online at: www.sharpnecdisplays.eu

About Abaco:
In ABACO CINEBOX we are continually innovating in concepts and proposals. We are incorporating the latest technologies on image and sound and in all elements related to functionality, comfort and access to our complex and theatres, with a complete absence of architectural barriers.

All the effort we made in the implementation of these technologies is accompanied by the best service to achieve customer satisfaction. We know that the waiting times, the information flow or friendly and efficient staffs are extremely important; therefore, providing the best treatment and attention is a highly appreciated value in ABACO CINEBOX. 

About Proyecson :
Proyecson, founded in 1957, from the beginning of its activity has been dedicated to design, manufacture and installation of products and services for the exhibition sector.
At present, and involved in the sector restructuring to the digitalization, the main global integrators are using the Proyecson developments (active and passive 3D Systems, TMS, audio converter systems ...). In addition to standard services, the company has a remote service center and remote monitoring (NOC), where we monitories all the installations. This simplifies and reduces the service time for any unforeseen on site, this service is also used by VPF integrators who provide their services in Spain

About Ymagis :
Created and controlled by cinema and technology industries’ executives, Ymagis (www.ymagis.com) is a company dedicated to Digital Cinema. Ymagis offers its services to film and advertising distributors, producers and exhibitors to ensure a smooth transition from their 35mm activity to Digital Cinema whilst controlling costs. Ymagis has signed agreements with cinemas representing more than 2500 screens throughout Europe, of which close to 2000 are already deployed. These include French circuits like UGC, Cinéville, Cap Cinéma, Megarama and Mk2, the German circuit Cineplex, the Benelux circuit Utopia and Spanish circuits Ocine, Neocine, Golem, Grup Balañá and Cines Verdi, as well as many independent exhibitors throughout Europe.