NEC supports its cinema customers

Free of charge warranty extension for all Digital Cinema Projectors


London, 9th June 2020NEC Display Solutions Europe is offering a free 4-month extension to its existing NEC projector warranty contracts throughout EMEA.

At a time when the leisure industry is facing its greatest challenge, NEC is true to its friends, colleagues and partners across the cinema world by extending the warranty status on all its DCI projectors in a gesture of goodwill.

Innovation in projection has always been part of the NEC DNA. NEC’s long heritage in cinema projection often drives pioneering advances which go on to benefit more mainstream business users. NEC is the only display manufacturer able to supply all the major display technologies and projection is a cornerstone of the company’s unique position.

“Digital cinema is important to us!” confirms Alain Chamaillard, Head of Cinema EMEA & CIS, NEC Display Solutions Europe.

“We offer an enduring technology partnership, dedicated to supporting cinema operators in providing the best possible experience to their customers, not only in the auditorium, but throughout the entire customer journey. We are pleased to be able to offer this gesture of support at such a challenging time. People are yearning to enjoy their leisure time once again and will return to the cinema as soon as they feel safe to do so.”

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